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Rheumatism Symptoms

Palindromic rheumatism refers to attacks of rheumatoid arthritis that occur suddenly and tend to affect the body at a rapid rate. One of the most annoying things about palindromic rheumatism is that one can never tell when an attack is expected, or how long or how intense it is going to be.

Palindromic rheumatism symptoms often involve acute pains in the joints. Arthritis is caused by various factors. The occurrence of gout is one of the primary causes of arthritis, and can put a person suffering from arthritis through a lot of discomfort. Soft tissue rheumatism refers to a condition in which the soft tissues between the joints are inflamed because of high sugar levels in the blood, or consumption of highly acidic foods.
People, who feel the occurrence of arthritic pains should get themselves checked by medical professionals and after having been assessed, must cut down on consumption of foods that are acidic or extremely sour. Muscular rheumatism symptoms are more difficult to assess, as they are often misinterpreted as muscular pains that may arise from overworking of the muscular system. Psychogenic rheumatism symptoms are even more complex and are commonly mistaken as organic diseases. The most common psychogenic rheumatic symptoms are stiffness of the body and intense pain that is experienced by a person. Inflammatory rheumatism symptoms, on the other hand, are fairly easy to diagnose, because people are most often afflicted with this form of arthritis. Pain and swelling of the joints are the most noticeable of all the symptoms. An inability to bend the limbs or move them freely is one of the primary characteristics of rheumatoid arthritis.

Rheumatism Treatment

Palindromic rheumatism treatment, like all other forms of rheumatoid arthritis, would require you to cut down on the consumption of extremely sour or acidic foods. Although medication is available to reduce the pain and lower the inflammation, there is no telling when the next attack may occur, or how intense it will be. It is therefore difficult to specify the dosage of medication to be taken. Making use of natural methods to reduce the intensity and frequency of the attacks is better than using medication for quick relief. Soft tissue rheumatism treatment, again, will require you to avoid extremely spicy or acidic foods that cause the inflammation of the soft tissue between the joints. Once the inflammation between the joints has reduced, it will become relatively easier and less painful to move the joints of the limbs. Ayurveda is an ancient for of treatment that took its roots in the Indian subcontinent. Rheumatism treatment in ayurveda is a long practiced form of gaining relief from the affliction of joint pains that can be unbearable. The concept of Ayurvedic treatment is that it involves the consumption of herbs and other naturally occurring medicinal plants that will cure you completely of an illness, without any side effects that are evident when chemical medications are used.

Rheumatism Causes

Rheumatism in children is often linked with the occurrence of joint pains at a very early age. The most probable known cause of rheumatism in children is the occurrence of a rheumatic fever that may cause the onset of rheumatism. A rheumatic fever in children is usually experienced between the ages of five and seven, and will be accompanied by great pain experienced in the joints of the limbs. The primary causes of rheumatism and arthritis lie in the fact that the body is saturated with acidic foods and salts that have caused an inflammation of the tissues between the joints. This inflammation reduces the ability of the joints to move freely and will cause great amounts of pain when attempting to do so. Knowing that the causes of rheumatism pains lie in the food that is consumed, people suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are advised to stay away from foods that are saturated with acidic content, thereby reducing the occurrence of crystallization of salts in the location of the joints. After having assessed the extent and the causes of rheumatism disease, it is advisable that you avoid all foods that may worsen the condition. Be sure to drink plenty of water to reduce the level of salts in the body and keep your joints moving at all times to avoid stiffening that will worsen the condition. If your attacks of arthritis become rather frequent or acutely intense, seek medical advice from your doctor who will be able to guide you towards better health. Make use of naturally occurring medicinal supplements that will not cause any side effects, and which will prove to be beneficial in curing your condition. Remember to drink plenty of water on a daily basis so that you may flush out the toxins aggravating the arthritic condition to be flushed out from your body, thereby reducing the occurrence of arthritic attacks.
Submitted on January 16, 2014