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Teenage pimples and chicken pox:

Hi, I m 18 years teenager recently I suffered from chinken pox and that has left some marks on my face also, I always have pimples on my face can u suggest something to cure this.

Chicken pox scars can take a lot of time and patience to lighten. Some scars especially the ones with pits often remain on the skin for years and only lighten over a period of time. Often when the treatment for the scars when started from the day rashes appear helps. The following mentioned tips can help to lighten your scars which are due to chickenpox.

  1. Apply sandalwood oil on the scars.
    This helps to reduce or lighten the dark and large scars.
  2. Vitamin E oil and aloe vera also when applied on the scars makes the healing process quick and minimized the chances of developing dark scars.
  3. Add Margosa leaves in lukewarm water and take bath daily. This will reduce itching and thus reduce the development of scars.
  4. Apply calamine lotion on the scars, this will provide a cool and relieving feeling and also help lighten the scars.
  5. Boost your immune system, this will not only help to fight the infection but will also help to ward off the pimples. For this you need to include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet. Also consumptions of junk foods, fatty foods, carbonated beverages, refined and processed foods, bakery foods and excess simple sugars should be avoided. Instead focus should be on whole cereals, grains and its products, sprouts, beans, low fat dairy products, fish and egg whites.
  6. If your skin is oily then keep it clean, wash your face often with normal tap water to get rid of excess oil.
  7. Never pop or squeeze any pimple because if done so can lead to further development of scars which can make your situation worst. Also there are chances of the infection to spread and cause more pimples.
  8. Rub sandalwood stick on a wooden board using rose water as a medium. Apply the derived paste on the pimples on your face. Leave it overnight and wash it off next day morning. This is a good way to reduce the pimple marks on the face.
  9. Drink a lot of water as this will help to maintain elasticity in the skin, prevent pimples and give a glowing skin complexion.
  10. As the pimple marks and chickenpox scars will take some time to fade, it is important to be patient and follow the tips regularly. Till the scars and marks fade you can try some makeup tips like using foundation to hide them.
  11. Benefits of vitamin E oil include rejuvenation and increased growth of new cells on the skin. Vitamin E oil is helpful for dry skin. Direct application on skin can improve the skin texture.

Vitamin E Aloe Vera

Traditional medicine has held the spiny, fleshy leaves of the aloe vera plant in high esteem due to its healing and curative powers. Modern research into aloe vera benefits continues to discover new ways and means of utilizing its healing properties. The plant grows well in the arid deserts of Asia, Arabia and Africa. However, as its benefits in curing skin diseases, reducing inflammation, and healing wounds and burns have spread throughout the world, properties of aloe vera enhance both topical and oral medication. Aloe vera extracts may also benefit individuals suffering from sebaceous cysts, minor skin infections, diabetes, and so on. Aloe vera contains several essential nutrients including vitamins A, C, and E. Vitamin E in aloe vera promotes healthy, radiant skin. Aloe vera and vitamin E oil when used together are excellent for treating various skin conditions. Cosmetic companies use the combination of aloe vera fortified with vitamin E in creams and moisturizers to give an added boost to the natural moisturizing properties of this plant.

Aloe vera leaves also possess substantial amounts of minerals, enzymes, phenols that make powerful antioxidants, amino acids, and salicylic acid. The outer leaf structure contains many of the essential nutrients required for the human body. However, the sap found inside the leaves has earned it the moniker of ‘potted physician’. The sap is essentially fluids and nutrients retained by the plant to survive arid conditions with little or no moisture. The sap of aloe vera with its moisturizing agents and essential nutrients has made this plant an exceptional choice to treat dry skin, sun burns, effects of sun tan, and so on.  Many advantages of aloe vera in treatment of scars and pimples have also been studied and researched.

Many people fight a losing battle with chicken pox scars. Small blemishes may fade over a period. However, a treatment of vitamin E oil for chicken pox along with aloe vera may show better results. When applied to chicken pox scars, vitamin E and Aloe Vera stimulates the growth of skin tissue and boosts cell regeneration. Rubbing vitamin E oil on chicken pox scars will help to slough of dead scar tissue, allowing it to fall off naturally. Vitamin E infused aloe vera gel or cream also helps to reduce pain and inflammation around chicken pox scars. While this is a useful treatment, ensure that you apply oil for scars only once they have dried off to avoid any infections. Do not allow vitamin E oil or aloe vera to enter any open scar tissue or clog the pores, which may lead to infection.

Chicken pox scars on face can be socially and psychologically frustrating for teens and adults. Applying aloe vera or vitamin E may help reduce the scarring, and in time, replace it with healthy skin. Since facial skin is a delicate area, applying a natural mix of aloe vera gel and vitamin E oil would avoid any of the drying effects of a topical cream. Stretch marks due to irregular weight and pregnancy may also disappear with regular use of aloe vera and vitamin E. The massage and natural moisturizers provide elasticity to the skin.

Chicken pox scars are not the only blemishes on the face you may have to deal with. Acne or pimple scars, past cuts, or wounds may cause darkening of the skin. Sometimes, pigmentation may cause skin darkening that is difficult to get rid of. Sunburns can be particularly cruel to your delicate skin, causing crow’s feet around your eyes and lips, wrinkled skin, and even flaking. Too much time on the beach may also lead to dark skin. Many people wonder can aloe vera lighten their skin. Aloe vera can be used as a topical application to lighten skin. Studies show that our skin pores accept the moisture from aloe vera almost four times faster than from water. So not only is your skin rehydrated, it also accepts the many essential nutrients from the fluid. The natural acids in aloe vera act as a bleaching agent to remove dead skin cells, and the various vitamins and minerals promote the growth of new skin tissue. The cooling gel is also effective on skin rashes or skin irritation from sunburn. The phenols or antioxidants in aloe vera help to fight the damage caused by free radicals. Essentially, aloe vera can be your favored arsenal against signs of aging, starting with a healthy skin.

Here is a quick tip on how to lighten the scars on your face using aloe vera naturally. Peel back the leaves of aloe vera to reveal the sap within. You may scrape this out with a spoon. For delicate skin, use aloe vera with good quality vitamin E oil. Apply on the face with your fingertips imitating a circular motion. Leave on for fifteen minutes and wash with lukewarm water; pat dry. A regular routine of aloe vera face massage will reveal healthier looking skin in a few weeks. While natural aloe vera gel may suit most individuals, some people with sensitive skin may be averse to it. If you experience discomfort, tingling of skin, rashes, and so on, you may want to consult your doctor or skin specialist immediately. You may also opt for milder creams or lotions with aloe vera extracts. The antioxidant properties of the aloe vera far exceed moisturizing benefits. Phenols in aloe vera reorganize skin cells and help to fight cancer cells. More than one study indicates the use of aloe vera in fighting conditions such as melanoma and other cancers of the skin.

We have so far discussed the topical benefits of aloe vera. However, consuming aloe vera juice and products may impact our health and well-being from the inside out. Aloe vera possesses detoxifying properties that help to eliminate toxins from our digestive system. An improved digestion results in better absorption of nutrients by the blood stream. Thus, aloe vera takes care of our digestion and blood circulation. Individuals on a weight loss diet claim to imbibe great benefits from the hydrating properties of aloe vera. Moreover, the natural plant provides many of the essential nutrients required for a healthy body without additional calories. Aloe vera drinks have also gained in popularity amongst patients suffering from diabetes. The natural sugars and enzymes in aloe vera are known to balance the blood sugar level and maintain a healthy lipid profile among cholesterol patients.

A note of caution, however, is that since aloe vera products as so popular, it is important that you purchase genuine products. Not all creams and lotions possess aloe vera properties. Some of them may contain only extracts or compounds from the original plant. This should not reduce the efficacy of the product but beware of fake aloe vera products that may contain little or no benefits. While few side-effects have been reported, it is best to consult your doctor about your use of aloe vera internally or for skin conditions. You may use it as a restorative drink to heal your body, a digestive tonic to cleanse your colon, or apply on your skin for a healthy, ageless look. Aloe vera combined with vitamin E oil will provide you great medicinal benefits.

Submitted on January 16, 2014