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Sterility Diet Treatment

Sterility basically refers to the inability to reproduce sexually on account of acquired or congenital disorders of the reproductive system. There are two types of sterility, namely, primary and secondary. Primary sterility is a condition where pregnancy never takes place at all while secondary sterility may affect either one of the partners or even both. Secondary sterility is the case where a couple may have conceived once but are unable to do so again due to some medical or physical condition which affects fertility. Women who have recurring miscarriages are also considered to be infertile.
The main risk factors for sterility problems include age, weight, stress, diet and habits like drinking, drugs and smoking. Even though factors like age cannot be controlled other factors like diet and bad habits can be kept in check as a part of basic sterility care. A good diet is of prime importance in treating sterility problems and hence including sterility recipes prepared using ingredients like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and grains is very important. Foods like cheese, milk and honey can also be used while preparing such recipes. An infertility diet should contain almost 80% foods in an uncooked state as cooking destroys some of the important nutrients in the food. Nuts, seeds and grains should be sprouted and consumed to increase their nutritional value. It is also very important to give up bad habits like smoking, drugs and alcohol consumption while following an impotence diet. Eating the right kinds of food can help solve impotency issues caused by lack of stamina, energy and excessive stress. Foods like ginger, garlic, asparagus, carrot, raisins and dried dates are also considered to be good in curing sterility problems and hence must be included in an infertility diet.

Infertility Foods to Avoid, Home Remedies

For overcoming the problem of sterility, weight loss is equally important especially incase of obese and overweight people. Stress induced weight gain and bad eating habits are some of the major causes of infertility these days. On the other hand excess weight loss and eating too little can also negatively impact fertility. Therefore as a part of sterility diet cure, doctors advice patients to lose excess weight and follow a balanced diet which includes sterility recipes prepared from ingredients rich in proteins, healthy fats, whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. On the other hand fatty foods, spicy foods, strong coffee and tea, white sugar, flour, fried and greasy foods, flesh foods and refined cereals should be avoided as far as possible as a part of sterility diet cure. Apart from a healthy diet, home remedies for sterility can also help in solving infertility and impotency problems. Male sterility could be the result of low sperm production by the testes, unhealthy sperms or seminal tract infections. Therefore foods which are rich in Vitamin C, vitamin B12, zinc and amino acids should be included in an impotence diet to correct sterility problems. On the other hand female sterility could be caused by hormonal imbalances, ovarian disorders, fallopian tube blockage or lower production of estrogen. A good diet home remedy for sterility in females would be regular intake of tenderly cooked eggplant with buttermilk. Applying mudpacks on the sexual organs and the abdomen is also considered helpful in such cases. A hipbath with cold water helps improve blood circulation and can eliminate sexual abnormalities thus improving sterility problems. Powdered banyan roots should be consumed with milk for 3 nights after the end of menstrual periods. This is considered to be another good home remedy for female sterility. To sum up we can say that a good infertility diet plays a vital role in curing male and female sterility problems.     

Submitted on January 16, 2014