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Sterility Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Sterility in men, also known as infertility, is the case when a man is unable to impregnate a fertile female through sexual intercourse. Studies have shown that the condition accounts for as many as about 10% of all men. However, because of the perceived social stigma that is associated with being an infertile male, a number of the victims of the condition will usually not speak about the problem to anyone in order to avoid social embarrassment. One of the most prominent causes of sterility in males is deficiencies in the semen, with the quality of semen being used as a surrogate measure of the male’s fertility ratio.  The primary causes of sterility in men can be categorized into three main types – pre testicular causes, testicular factors and post testicular factors. Some of the more common pre-testicular factors include the abuse of alcohol, drugs and even smoking while strenuous horseback or bicycle riding are also known causes of the same.
There are a number of regularly used over the counter medication that is also known to list impotence as a possible side effect –making it extremely essential to read the labels on any medication you purchase at your local drugstore. The testicular variety of causes are the result of some kind of trauma or medical condition such as malaria, humps or even testicular cancer amongst many others. Some of the post testicular causes of sterility in men include infections such as prostatitis and other medical conditions like retrograde ejaculation. The symptoms of sterility in men include suffering from sexual dysfunction such as erectile dysfunction and problems during ejaculation. While the cause of the condition is very often the result of a physically diagnosable medical complication in the body, one should not forget that another very common cause of male sterility happens to be stress. Mental burdens that develop into stress are likely to prevent the man from performing optimally.

Causes Of Sterility

There are a number of factors that are either directly or indirectly the causes of sterility in men and women. Amongst the most common causes of sterility in women is the presence of PID, also known as pelvic inflammatory disease, which is primarily an STD that is the development of contracting conditions like gonorrhea and chlamydia. The use of a pap smear will help the presiding doctor to detect the presence of the condition. Endometriosis is another very common cause of sterility in women and the most noticeable symptoms that the condition has developed in its host is the presence of a rather sharp pain in the pelvic area. Physical and mental strain plays a huge role in the development of the condition and is one of the most common causes of sterility in males and females.

Sterility In Women

Just as with men, there is a lot of unnecessary social stigma that is attached to being sterile and understanding the various causes of sterility in women. Understanding as well as signs of sterility in women will help you diagnose and treat the condition better. However, because of the embarrassment that a number of women feel from the fact that they are sterile means that only a very small percentage of them will ever seek medical help and therefore experience the joy of motherhood. Because of the fact that there are so many factors that can play a role in the development of sterility, there is a whole science dedicated to the problem. The causes of sterility in women are much more apparent because of the fact that a small complication with any of the reproductive organs could possibly render the woman infertile. For instance, scarred ovaries are one of the more common reasons for sterility in women. Premature menopause is another one of the more common causes of sterility in women while probably the most prominent symptoms of sterility in women is the inability to become pregnant despite a lot of trying through her most fertile periods.

Sterility Treatment

Because of the fact that the condition is a rather common one while also being a rather life changing one, there are a number of male sterility treatment options as well as sterility treatment in women options that span the surgical, medical as well as home remedy fields. Lifestyle changes are probably the more common treatment options and involve avoiding any kind of consumption of alcohol, drugs or any other substance causing the infertility problem. Sterility treatment in females as also in males would also include hormone replacement therapy which is a relatively new type of treatment. This type of treatment is known to be rather very effective in most cases. In the event that you have been diagnosed with the condition of permanent sterility, however, you may want to look at other options such as adoption or the use of a donor sperm in order to have children.
Submitted on January 16, 2014