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Discover Spices

Many people believe that sugar or fat increases the flavor of the food. But if you examine closely, it is spices that enhances the taste of food without adding calories. From ancient times spices have been used for their medicinal and food enhancing properties. Our main goal is to lower calorie intake with each meal, over a long term, and spice’s is appropriate for that.

For example use pepper on salads or vegetables to increase their taste and make them enjoyable. Instead of using a cream sauce made out of cheese and butter make marinara sauce with basil, oregano, thyme and tomatoes.

A new flavor can be brought about to any meal by adding garlic and onion. Salt also is beneficial provided it is used in the right proportion. Health risks are not increased by salt, but by its overuse. To enhance natural flavors of food, salt was one of the first ingredients. Consult your physician over the use of salt if you have high B.P. When used in proper moderation it helps in the fight against fat.

Adding spices to frozen and processed food is of little use because they are made up of high calories, refined carbohydrate and saturated fat levels. In today’s life due to lack of time instant food products are made available in the market, but these are to be avoided altogether. Though cooking consumes a lot of time all of us should cook our own meals (its worth it) as we can decide over the ingredients that go into our food. By doing so we reduce the risk of disease associated with obesity and increase our chances of living a longer, healthier life.

Submitted on March 31, 2010