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Grabbers and Blockers

Grabbers and blockers help in preventing absorption of different types of food and thereby lower caloric intake. They are known to prevent absorption of one type of macronutrient.

  1. Cassia nomame – Dietary fat’s in the body are digested by an enzyme called lipase, present in the intestinal tract. Cassia is capable of inhibiting lipase enzyme and thereby will cause obstruction in the absorption of fat. So caloric intake is lowered.
  2. Chitosan – It is derived from shellfish and people allergic to it should stay away from the product. This fiber can bind up dietary fat, 4 times its own weight.
    The body is incapable of absorbing chitosan and so the fat bonded to it also remains unabsorbed. It should be particularly taken before high-fat meals. It is also used to suppress the appetite as it can expand and fill the stomach. However, it should not be consumed within 4 hours of any other supplement or medication, because many of them are chemically classified as fats. Like fats, chitosan can absorb these also and make them less effective.
  3. Wheat germ extract – Amylase is the enzyme that digests carbohydrates. It breaks down all sizes of carbohydrates into sugars that are absorbable. However the absorption of sugars in the intestine can be prevented, by using wheat germ extract. This helps in lowering the Blood sugar that rises after a meal and reduces caloric intake also.
  4. Northern White Kidney bean extract – This supplement also prevents the action of amylase enzyme and is beneficial like wheat germ extract. Both these items should be taken before meals.
Submitted on January 16, 2014