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Nutritional Yeast  Substitute

Nutritional yeast is a form of yeast that is used as a flavoring agent by some people who do not wish to use cheese. People who eat a vegan diet may use nutritional yeast as a substitute for cheeses that are used to garnish dishes. It is a healthy food substitute and may also be used by health conscious people because it substitutes cheese which may be fatty and at the same time contains several useful proteins, vitamins and minerals. Nutritional yeast is particularly rich in B complex vitamins. It also contains less sodium and fat than its cheese counterpart.

Nutritional yeast has a variable taste depending on the brand of yeast. The taste is associated with nuts, cheeses and cream. This makes it an ideal substitute for dairy products for people who wish to have the taste without the fat and possibly for those with lactose intolerance issues as well. It is important to note that this type of yeast is different from baker’s yeast.

Nutritional yeast appears as a yellow colored powdery substance. It is available at most supermarkets and some brands tend to have vitamin B12 added for additional health benefits. However, some people who use nutritional yeast have reported symptoms similar to those suffered by people who have recently consumed a large quantity of monosodium glutamate, which is known as MSG. The symptoms include indigestion, pain in the chest and bloating in the stomach.

Nutritional yeast may not be available everywhere. Some recipes have this ingredient in them and would be incomplete without it. Because of its nutty and cheesy flavor, nutritional yeast may be replaced with a variety of different products. One may use nuts as an alternative in cooking recipes. Cashew nuts are a popular replacement for nutritional yeast. However, it should be noted that cashew nuts contain a lot of fat in them. They may also trigger an allergic reaction as nut allergies are not uncommon. People who do not have any problem with cheese may simply use parmesan cheese as a substitute for nutritional yeast. This is a less healthy option but it tends to be quite tasty to most people. Parmesan is more easily available and if you are using nutritional yeast only for its flavor you can substitute it with this type of cheese. However, if you seek the health benefits of consuming nutritional yeast, there is no other substitute that can provide such a range of benefits.

Submitted on January 16, 2014