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Silicon Supplements Information & Facts

Silicon is abundantly found in the universe and more commonly as silica or silicon dioxide. Silicon plays a key role in boosting the collagen formation in the bones. It also adds shine and luster to hair and keeps the skin and nails supple and well hydrated. The presence of silicon in our body accounts for the youthful appearance and lack of wrinkles. Silicon is also vital to the body as it counters the absorption of aluminum, which is found in treated water and is harmful to the body.

 Silicon is not found in most of the foods that we consume and hence, often needs to be supplemented. Apples, cucumbers, raisins, and strawberries have a certain amount of silica. However, this form of silicon through diet is not easily absorbed by the body to meet its daily requirement of the mineral. Silicon is a mineral that needs to be replenished in the human body as the reserves get depleted quite rapidly.

The ingredients of silicon supplements are often from organic sources like horsetail, green vegetables, and bamboo. Silicon supplements are best absorbed when they are in a dried, powdered, or tablet form. Silicon supplements are especially useful for women. This is required to add the sheen to their hair and suppleness to their skin. In the form of silica or silicon dioxide, these supplements provide overall health and well being to all. Women, after menopause, tend to use up all their reserves and thus, have compromised health. Silica in the body helps and maintains the collagen in the connective tissues of teeth and bones. Silicon dioxide supplements need to be taken as our diet alone does not suffice to make up for the depleting silicon levels in our body. A silicon dietary supplement is believed to contribute to increased density of bones. The mineral can be assimilated by our body only in the form of orthosilicic acid. The effect of the supplement can be felt after a span of three months or so and greater bone mass density is considered to be the merit. Silica is effective in the formation and regulation of bone tissue in the presence of other minerals like boron, magnesium, and zinc. Thus, a silicon mineral supplement would be an ideal supplement to obtain all the benefits at one shot. It is, however, best to consult a doctor for advice before consuming any supplement.

Silicon Supplements For Hair

Silicon supplements work wonders for hair by giving it an attractive and healthy look. In fact, silicon, in the form of silica, is the secret behind a beautiful, lustrous mane and is often found in commercially available hair products. Though a proper hair care regime is imperative for healthy hair, conditioners (both commercial and homemade) only help by retaining the moisture content of the hair. Silica works by repairing most of the connective tissues and collagen in the body, which, in turn, improves the strength of the hair. When silicon supplements are consumed along with a well balanced, nutritious diet, the results begin to show in a couple of months. Additionally, eating a diet rich in cucumbers, strawberries, and whole grains contributes to the silicon intake.

Silicon Supplements For Skin

Silicon supplements are also very good for skin to maintain its elasticity and youthful appearance.  The silica bank in our body is used up over the years and hence our skin also begins to sag and wrinkle. In order to maintain a youthful appearance, people opt for silicon supplements as silica is required to maintain the collagen beneath the surface of the skin. The presence of collagen is what gives the skin a supple and young appearance. Silicon is present as silica in the body and is soluble in water, proteins, and lipids. The connective tissues in the body possess a capacity to retain moisture owing to the large silica molecules in collagen. The deficit in silica results in wrinkled and lifeless skin. Silicon supplements for skin need to be taken for quite some time before the benefits are visible. Silica is soluble in water and hence does not remain deposited in the body. It can also pass easily through the intestinal walls and hence is eliminated rapidly from the body. A good skin care regime should also include a good intake of silicon as supplements or through a balanced diet, so that your skin remains supple and radiant with its youthfulness.

Silicon Supplements For Joint Problems

The bones and joints of our body owe their strength to the protein medium built around them. This is the area where calcium is deposited in the body. Over the years, as the calcium bank begins to deplete, the bones become brittle and porous, making them prone to fractures, if the individual suffers a fall. Calcium can be totally assimilated in the body only in the presence of the mineral silicon. Thus, silica provides the strength and flexibility to all the joints of the body. Osteoporosis mainly gets hold of women, especially in the post menopausal stage. Though the brittleness of the bones sets in as age advances, the loss of calcium deposits would have commenced in the earlier years. Silicon supplements for joint problems help in rectifying the state of osteoporosis and adding more strength and flexibility to the muscles of the skeletal system. This helps in depositing calcium into the bones and hastens the healing of fractures. Ample silica present in the body even, leaves no marks at the juncture of the fracture. Organic silicon supplements are used to provide the required levels of this abundant, trace mineral. Silica aids in the formation of cartilage forming as well as fiber forming cells. Osteoporosis does not respond to a calcium deficit alone. It needs an abundance of silica as well to make the calcium act in an effective manner.  Thus, these minerals complement each other in providing strong and healthy bones and flexible joints in the body.

Silicon Supplement Side Effects

Silicon supplements provide the mineral requirement for our body. Yet, in the long term, prolonged use of silicon supplements does have an adverse effect on health. It may lead to deficiency in B vitamins. Excessive urination is also a possibility in individuals who are oedematose. The long-term use of silicon supplements is also believed to lead to kidney stones. Hence, these supplements should be consumed according to prescribed dosage only and under the supervision of a certified physician.

Submitted on January 16, 2014