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Medicinal Properties of Spices from Kitchen Cabinet

Your kitchen cabinet probably contains a treasure trove of some of the most ancient and effective medicines known to man in the form of herbs and spices. Let us take a look at some of the more common herbs and spices that you can use to treat everyday ailments.

Cumin seeds is an excellent cure for indigestion. You can make it into a tasty and refreshing drink by adding cumin seeds powder with a dash of salt  to water or buy ready made capsules that are available in the market. Asafetida (Asafetida) can also be used to treat indigestion, especially when it is accompanied with cramps and flatulence.
Aniseed (Fennel) is another excellent remedy for flatulence and can even be used on children in the form of a syrup. In India, Aniseed is commonly served as a mouth freshener after meals. Preparations made from Carom Seeds (Lovage seed) are another excellent safeguard against indigestion and flatulence. Coriander (Coriander seeds) can be used to make a tea-like decoction that is used to treat sore throats and common cold; it is also an excellent source of Vitamin A. Mustard seeds (Mustard seed) is very effective when applied locally for treating strains and sprains. It can also be used internally for inducing vomiting.

The next time you have to fix a common ailment such as indigestion or a common cold, look to the treasure trove in your kitchen cabinet, instead of running to the pharmacist. Chances are that you will probably find a more effective cure with fewer side effects and at virtually no cost.

Submitted on January 16, 2014