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Influenza (see colds)

Influenza should not to be taken lightly. Old people can even die from it as can the weak. It is good practice to begin winter with a good, nutri¬tious course of juices tasting two weeks to build resistance. This can be repeated a week or so after Christmas.

Take the following juices every day:

Watercress 3 fl oz (75ml); parsley 2 fl oz (50ml); carrot 7 fl oz (2ooml);
Potato 7 fl oz (200ml).

If you catch influenza the one thing to avoid is anxiety about your sleeplessness because that just makes matters worse. Try an extra pillow or two to help breathing. When building your strength after the illness, take some exercise an hour before bedtime, even if only a walk. On retiring for the night, drink a glass of your favorite warm juice into which a tablespoonful (15ml) of honey has been dissolved. Lemon is also a good substitute.

During the illness drink one of the following each day:

Celery 8 fl oz (225ml); carrot 8 fl oz (225ml).
In the evening rub on the brow:
lettuce I fl oz (25ml); oil of roses 3 drops. And take:
lettuce 4 fl oz (100m!).


Make sure that the diet is without alcohol and virtually fat-free.
Carrot 8 fl oz (225ml); celery 5 fl oz (150ml); parsley 3 fl oz (75ml).
Watercress 2 fl oz (50ml); parsley 2 fl oz (50ml); nettles
12 fl oz (350ml).
Carrot 12 fl oz (350ml).

Submitted on January 16, 2014