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Juicing Raw Vegetables And Raw Vegetable Juice Benefits

Our bodies are constantly building and repairing cells and need to be nourished. Every hour our bodies produce an estimated one billion cells, which amount to 24 billion cells each day. It is not enough to just binge on unhealthy tasty foods but we have to have a regular diet that provides ample nutrition. Nutritional deficiencies cause the skin and hair to look dull and can result in the weakening of the bones and a loss of muscle tissue. It can also lead to serious health conditions.

Complete Raw Juice Therapy

Experts believe that 30 to 85 per cent of the nutrition in food is lost when it is cooked, and hence advise us to stick to a raw diet, especially a combination of various raw vegetable juices. Certain essential enzymes and nutrients are lost at high heats beyond 114 degrees Fahrenheit. When we eat only cooked food, which do not have these essential enzymes, the body is deprived of nutrients and this generally results in various ailments such as arthritis, diabetes or heart diseases.

Besides, raw vegetables and fruits contain the same elements and balance of acid and alkaline properties, which make up the cells and hence are best suited to maintain normal and healthy function of our cells.

Foods such as proteins (especially animal protein), alcohol, coffee, grains, refined, canned and over-cooked foods, lead to fermentation, and increase the acidic levels in the stomach. This prevents the optimization of the enzymes in our digestive system. Alkaline minerals are required to balance this acid, and the only way that they can be obtained is through eating fresh vegetables and fruits.

Juices of raw vegetables, fruits, herbs or grasses help the body to recuperate and regenerate effectively and maintain enzyme levels. They contain all the minerals, amino acids, salts and vitamins needed by our body.

They also have fiber which helps to eliminate excess toxins and reduce cholesterol levels. Besides this, digestion and assimilation of juices is much faster, thus helping save energy which is then used for healing and recuperative purposes.

Raw vegetable juice therapy can cure a wide range of diseases:
  • Spinach aids digestion and lowers blood sugar.
  • Bitter gourd helps to control diabetes.
  • Carrot is helpful during diarrhea and jaundice, and also strengthens eyesight.
  • Beetroot juice helps the function of the gall bladder and liver.
  • Aubergine juice is effective for a toothache.
  • Cabbage juice tackles stomach ulcers effectively.
  • Raw onion juice with honey cures indigestion and stomach ache.
  • Potato juice cures acidity.
  • Drinking Pumpkin juice daily prevents and dissolves kidney stones.
  • Equal quantities of capsicum, cucumber and radish juice helps to cleanse the respiratory and digestive systems.
  • Radish juice with a pinch of sugar is recommended during jaundice.
  • A blend of turnip, carrot and cabbage juice alleviates the discomfort of bronchitis and asthma by reducing mucus.
  • Tomato juice cleanses the system, prevents the hardening of the arteries, maintains the alkaline levels of the blood and provides resistance to disease.
  • The juice of fenugreek leaves is helpful in curing headaches and insomnia.
  • The juice of coriander leaves mixed with buttermilk cures indigestion, dysentery and nausea. Incidentally, it also works wonders when applied on pimples and blackheads.
  • Drumstick juice reduces blood pressure.
How To Drink Juices: An important point to note is that you must drink the juice fresh and as soon as it is extracted, otherwise they gradually lose their nutritional value. Raw vegetable juice therapy also includes drinking the juice either daily or at least twice or thrice a week. It is recommended that unless otherwise specified, you should drink it in the morning on an empty stomach.
Submitted on January 16, 2014