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Low carb dieting

People who are trying to lose weight are generally asked to limit their intake of carbohydrates in their daily diets. In case you are on a diet, you need to restrict your carb consumption to between 20 grams and 60 grams each day and your carb intake should not exceed 20% of your total daily caloric intake. There are several low carb diet plans that have been designed specially for people who want to control obesity, by cutting down on carbs. These diet plans often contain low carb diet menus for each meal, i.e., breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner. Learning various low carb diet recipes is not difficult either, as there are several books and online resources that are dedicated to low carb weight loss.
Given below are a few steps that can help you to begin your low carb dieting plan on the right foot:

  • Get as much information as you can: This includes reading up about the various low carb dieting plans and choose one that can serve your needs in the best manner. Before you decide to incorporate the plan, you need to read its principles carefully and understand them. The main reason for this is that there are many myths about low carb diets like no fruits or vegetables, such diets are not just unhealthy but boring to and so on. The fact is that low carb dieting can be a very healthy way of eating, if the lack of carbs is compensated for, by increasing the consumption of other nutrients, like protein. However, low cab diet plans are not meant for everybody.
  • Make changes, at a slow and steady pace: Switching over to low carb dieting can be a gradual process, as you start reducing the unhealthy carbs from your daily diet. It is best to start off with one or two things at a time. This gradual move is usually the most effective and yields better results.
  • Plan your approach: When you start gathering information on low carb dieting, you will probably realize that there isn’t just one diet plan that you can follow; there are hundreds of them. The more popular plans include a variety of food choices and carb levels; however almost all low carb diet plans recommend that starches and sugars should be eliminated. Some people find it difficult to read book or access online resources and therefore, they follow the “No White Diet”, which has been known to work. This approach recommends that foods with white flour, sugar, rice, potatoes and even milk. However, there are several “white” foods like cauliflower, tofu and onions that are good for you, as they are not high in carbs.
  • Become familiar with the foods that you can eat: While following a diet, most people focus on what should be eliminated. However, if you concentrate more on the foods that you can eat, you will be more successful in crafting your own low carb diet recipes.
  • Eating fast food when you are out: People who tend to eat out a lot believe that they cannot follow a low carb diet plan successfully, but that is not necessarily true. May fast food restaurant chains have become aware of people’s health preferences and have started offering low carb fast foods on their menu. Almost every fast food restaurant offers salads, which should be picked over burgers or fries. Meats usually do not contain carbs, but preparing them with bread or adding certain sauces to them could change that. You could order a burger, with grilled meat and ditch the bun and other condiments.

Starting a new diet is never easy and most people face hurdles that they never imagined they would. Therefore it is best to get advice and help from people who have seen success with their low carb diet plans.

Submitted on September 9, 2011