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Dieting Tips For Glamor Models Who Take Up Modeling As A Career

Models are very conscious of their figure and physique. They spend a lot of time and energy to trying to stay slim. They try to maintain a particular body weight, or slightly lower at times. Models have a specific schedule of work outs, beauty regime and time with their personal trainers.

Nutrition Tips For Fashion Models And Meal Plans For Professional Models

Here are a few model diet tips to help you out:

  • Before you start a particular workout regime, take a photo of yourself in a bikini.
    Do this on a weekly basis, as it helps in keeping a check of your waistline.
  • A food diary also helps in keeping a track of your food intake. A daily review of the diet is essential. This helps in avoiding unwanted foods by the next day.
  • Hydrating your body is essential and helps you in avoiding certain intakes. Thirst is misunderstood, many a times for hunger. Adequate water and liquids in the diet helps in warding hunger and helps to eliminate wastes and toxins.
  • Chew well and eat. Proper mastication prevents over eating, as the brain waits to hear the signals from the stomach. As the hunger pangs are removed, the brain receives a stop signal from the stomach.
  • A coffee or diet beverages help to postpone hunger.
  • Vegetable sauces and mustard help in sandwiches, instead of mayonnaise and cream sauces.
  • Supermodel diet tips comprise of tomatoes, apples, lettuce and diet coke.
  • Healthy snacks stacked in the pantry helps a lot.
  • Green tea or plain tea helps in eliminating your hunger, in a temporary manner.
  • Avoid deep fat frying. Baking, boiling, grilling, stewing, micro waving and pressure cooking are the best methods of cooking.
  • Keep a food list while doing your monthly purchase. This would help to avoid impulsive purchase.
  • A healthy breakfast is the right way to start your day. Skipping breakfast increases the pangs of hunger by the end of the day.
  • Skinless poultry, fish and lean meat are recommended animal foods.
  • Freshly cut fruits and vegetables are healthy snacks.
  • Saturated and Trans fats namely, margarine, butter, clarified butter are replaced by vegetable oils, such as olive, flaxseed, safflower and sunflower oil.
  • Certain hair styles help in changing the personality of a model.
  • The kind of clothes, the stripes, the colours make a lot of difference and are individual based.
  • Optimism and positive thinking brings out the inner beauty of individuals.
  • Regular exercise helps in shaping up models. Diet when clubbed with aerobics and weight training exercise proves beneficial in enhancing your svelte figure.

Models have to constantly be conscious of their physique. Their daily routine requires them to look fit and attractive and to achieve this they must regulate their diet and lifestyle accordingly. They need to have specific exercise programs, healthy diets, and beauty regimens. A model diet plan is a must for every aspiring and established model. It can be hard work to look effortlessly beautiful every single day!

A model diet must be able to satisfy hunger without adding too many calories to the diet plan. Therefore meals must be full of nutrition and free of cholesterol. A good fitness model diet may consist of a healthy breakfast, a satisfying lunch and a light dinner. A fitness model may require more calories than a regular model as a fitness model has a more strenuous workout.

A model diet can also include an evening snack may to appease food cravings. It is a good idea to include egg whites in a breakfast as they are rich in protein and hence allow for a better workout. A protein shake must be included with lunch as this helps to reduce cravings. Dinner may consist of light, healthy foods such as steamed fish. Instead of having fried chips or cookies as an evening snack, opt for dried fruits or nuts. These fill the stomach and also provide energy. Many models also follow low carb diets as these help in muscle building. However, it is advisable to consult a dietician or a doctor before starting any diet plan. Following a model diet will help you attain healthy body weight and also keep you feeling fit. But there are some other healthy tips you should follow as well. Many models go on crash diets in order to lose weight quickly. However these are extremely unhealthy as they eliminate many important nutrients from the diet. The individual is also likely to gain back the weight rapidly once he or she is off the diet. Healthy weight must be attained gradually. It is also advisable to avoid consuming alcohol, caffeinated beverages and sugary foods. A model diet menu must include more fresh and raw foods and less canned food. A male model diet may include a higher amount of protein in order to build muscle mass. Protein supplements may also be recommended.

Many models travel a great deal and hence are forced to eat out. But in such cases too, it is possible to make healthy dietary choices. Order foods such as grilled chicken or fish and avoid having a creamy sauce along with it. Instead of a main course, opt for an appetizer. Always order a salad along with your meal, but choose only low fat dressings. It is important to remember that being a model does not mean starving yourself. If your diet supplies less than 1000 calories, the body enters starvation mode and you are likely to feel tired and drained out. Therefore to keep your metabolism levels high throughout the day, a low calorie diet and regular exercise is essential.  It is also necessary to keep the body hydrated and flush out your system by drinking plenty of water during the day.

Model diet plan

Many people are keen on knowing what doo models eat to obtain and maintain their slim and svelte figures for which they are known for besides their beautiful complexions and skin tones. Now while does play an important role their diet and exercise regime is also instrumental in them looking tithe way they do. Skin quality, muscle shape and tone, energy levels and intestinal functions all require foods that are nutritious and these foods should be complimented with a fitness routine that is aimed at fat loss, mental wellness and muscle shape. The supermodel diet comprises of organic foods that is free from hormones, agricultural pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other such toxins. Additionally the model diet is rich in green and organic vegetables because of their higher levels of antioxidants, natural vitamins and even higher concentration of anthocyanins.

The model diet plan also consists of plenty of protein rich foods such as lean beef, chicken, beans, turkey, fish and so one which are considered t be healthy proteins. Protein can be consumed safely because the body does not store protein and protein is also a rich source of amino acids which are required to build and even beautify the hair, nails, skin and cartilage as well as to repair essential tissue. Some model diets may also comprise of organic proteins as they tend to be rich in vitamin C, Vitamin, beta carotene and organic proteins are also known to be leaner. Contrary to popular belief the supermodel diet also comprises of carbohydrates which are required by the body to function normally.

A deficiency in carbohydrates may result in the individual suffering from poor mental function, fatigue, muscle cramps etc which is not very conducive when the models have to saunter down the runway in stilettos on a daily basis. Some of the healthy sources of carbohydrates include whole grain tortillas, rye, brown rice, beans and even fruits and vegetables that have high fibre content such as yams, apples, watermelons, Brussels sprouts and so on. The model diet also consists of small amounts of the right type of fats especially in the form of omega 3 fatty acids that play an integral role in the health and maintenance of every system and cell in the body.  Some of the abundant sources of omega 3 fatty acids are seafood as well as walnuts and flax seeds. Research has proven that consumption of omega 3 fatty acids is also beneficial in reducing the occurrence of cancer, depression and schizophrenia.

On the other hand supermodel diets do not include canned foods on account of their high sodium content. Similarly processed foods containing sugar and refined flour such as pastas, cakes, cookies, pastries and white bread also do not form part of a model diet as they are high in calories and are nowhere near as nutritious as unprocessed or whole grain foods. One of the pillars of the model diet is the consumption of plenty of fresh leafy vegetables and also fruits that have low sugar content. Most of the meats or fish that are consumed should be ideally steamed, baked or boiled.

Submitted on January 16, 2014