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Amount of Calories in Ice-cream and Ice cream fats

Ice creams contain lots of calories. How much fat does one gain from ice creams?

Ice cream, a favorite dessert of many is commonly made by combining milk products, sugar or other sweetening agents, pieces of fruits, nuts, chocolates and sometimes solid additions. All ice creams may have different nutritional content depending on the ingredients used. Typically an ice cream may contain a wide range of calories from 250 calories to 900 calories per 100 gm depending on the ingredients used. Most of the ice creams are high in fat, sugar and cholesterol all of which when consumed in more amounts are responsible for weight gain.
Your weight gain will be directly proportional to the intake of your ice cream consumption.

Ice Cream Diet and Ice Cream Fat

However if ice cream is being made from low fat or fat free milk products, artificial sweeteners and fresh fruits or nuts then it is considered healthy. You can prepare these kinds of ice creams easily at home keeping your health and weight in mind. As a dessert, if you eat a scoop of low fat and low sugar ice cream twice in a week then it is possible that you will not gain much weight.

Weight gain however cannot be decided only on ice cream consumption. Some people can gain weight by eating just a scoop of ice cream but for some eating many scoops may make no difference in their weight. Wrong eating habits and lack of exercise result in weight gain. For example, if your dinner comprises of a large extra cheese pizza with a bowl of cream of mushroom soup along with cheese tacos and a large glass of cola or soda then whether you eat ice cream or not you will still gain weight.

However if you choose a full fat ice cream loaded with nuts and cream for your dessert after such fat loaded meal then it will add on more calories and fats and it could be responsible for easy weight gain. Let me give you another example, if you eat lots of fresh vegetable salad (without any high fat dressings) along with sprouts and whole grain breads then it is considered a healthy meal. After this if you have a scoop of low fat ice cream then your weight gain will be definitely very minimal.

So to maintain a healthy body weight always emphasize on a well balanced diet that comprises of all the food groups along with a proper exercise regime or increased physical activity.
Submitted on January 16, 2014