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Obesity Exercise

Obesity is caused due to undue deposits of fats in the body. Usually, these fat deposits occur around your belly, hips and thighs. Today, obesity is very common among people of all ages. It can be attributed to inappropriate eating habits such as over eating and eating foods that are rich in fat. Sedentary lifestyles also contribute to the problem.
Red meat and fried foods are the major sources of dietary fats and should be avoided in order to prevent and combat obesity. Obesity is not a disease, but it can lead to many serious ailments like high blood pressure and heart problems.

If you happen to suffer from obesity due to your bad eating habits in the recent past, you must take immediate steps to curb it. The first step is to change your dietary plan. Consult your dietician and ask him or her to make a healthy food plan for you. For burning the undue fat deposits from your body, you will need to perform regular physical exercise.

To overcome obesity, you can perform the following exercises.

• Make it a practice to go out for a walk regularly in the morning as well as evening. Brisk walking is very helpful in burning the fat from your body. Initially, you can start with short walks and gradually increase the range and also pick up your pace. Interspersing your walks with short jogs (about 10 minutes) will speed up the fat burning process.
• Cycling is another great exercise for burning the fat. Cycling for 15 to 20 minutes a day will considerably reduce your fat deposits.
• Yoga is another effective tool to combat obesity. Yoga exercises are light exercises in which the emphasis is on stretching the body with breath control. You can consult a qualified and experienced yoga instructor for your particular requirements.
• Once you have started exercising regularly, you should consider consider going to a gym for some weight training. Weight training combined with some cardiovascular exercises is one of the best ways to burn fat. In addition you can benefit from the expertise of your gym instructor and ask him or her to provide you proper guidance for your specific requirements.
• Swimming is considered to be the best exercise for overcoming obesity. While swimming, there is some movement in all your body parts, which makes it a great exercise. The water acts as a cushion that keeps your joints safe and at the same time it provides a resistance that stimulates your muscles.
Submitted on January 16, 2014