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Protein Foods

Protein foods are those foods that are rich in proteins and are an essential part of a healthy balanced diet. It is important to understand what proteins are and their specific functions in order to understand their importance. Various types of foods contain different proteins and so it is important to include a combination of protein foods in one’s diet. Proteins can be found in vegetarian and non-vegetarian food products. When these high protein foods are digested, they are broken down into amino acids and it is these amino acids that are essential for the proper functioning of the body.
These amino acids are utilized by the body to build muscle tissue and some amino acids are converted into glucose which is an important source of energy. Therefore, consuming protein rich foods will help to provide an individual with the energy they need for physical activities as well as increase the person’s muscle mass. An athlete indulges in prolonged periods of physical exercise and so they are often advised to follow a high protein athletes’ diet. This high protein diet contains large amounts of protein foods and protein diet foods and may also include protein supplements, protein shakes, and protein bars. 

Protein obtained from natural food sources is considered to be preferable to synthetic protein sources. Therefore, when deciding on a diet, it is important to know what foods contain protein and how they can be included in one’s diet. While it is true that most high protein foods are non-vegetarian, there are also several protein foods for vegetarians that can be included in a daily diet. It is best to note the protein content of various food products and then decide on one’s meals accordingly. You can always use a list of high protein foods to find out the exact nutritional content of your meals. A typical high protein foods list would include the following foods:

Skinless turkey– 4 ounces would contain approximately 34 grams of protein
Skinless turkey– 4 ounces would contain approximately35 grams of protein
Low fat milk– 1 cup would contain approximately 120 grams of protein
Egg– 1 large egg   would contain approximately75 grams of protein
Cooked garbanzo or chickpeas– 1/2 cup would contain approximately 134 grams of protein 
Cooked lentil beans– 1/2 cup would contain approximately 115grams of protein   
It is important to note the quantities mentioned in a protein rich foods list as this will help you to accurately plan the serving size of your meals. 

A moderate protein and high fiber diet is an excellent way to start a weight loss regimen. This type of a weight loss diet plan is ideal for those who wish to lose weight through diet and exercise. The protein rich foods in this weight loss diet plan help to increase muscle mass and the high fiber foods help to prevent bingeing. A moderate protein and high fiber diet would include protein rich foods like beans, lean meats, dairy products, legumes, and eggs as well as fiber rich foods like vegetables and fruits. If you have been used to a sedentary lifestyle, make sure that you start to exercise slowly and that your exercise sessions are short for the first week or two. As you increase the duration of your workout sessions, you can also increase your protein intake. Make sure that you include a short warm-up session in your exercise schedule as this will help to increase flexibility and prevent muscle pulls and strained tendons. When planning an exercise schedule, make sure that the more strenuous exercises are towards the end of your workout and not at the beginning. It is best to start your day with a workout as this will help to increase our metabolic rate and improve the functioning of your digestive system. You should have a hearty but healthy breakfast that contains a variety of protein rich foods. You can have a homemade milkshake and it would be better to sweeten it with honey rather than sugar. Other protein foods that should be included in your daily breakfast are eggs and oatmeal. If you are not used to preparing breakfast, it would be best to keep all the required breakfast ingredients ready the night before so that you only spend a minimal amount of preparation time in the morning. You can also prepare protein snacks that you can munch on during the day to appease hunger pangs and give you an energy boost. A simple peanut butter or egg sandwich will be a healthier option to chips or pastry products which provide very little real nutrition and are high in their calorie content. Your lunch can consist of a large serving of salad along with whole bread or a light wholegrain pasta dish. Make sure that you include at least one or two healthy snacks between your lunch and dinner and it would also be wise to make sure that the last meal of your day is low in fats and high in fiber. A high fiber supper will help to prevent the need for a midnight snack as it will keep you satiated for several hours. 
Protein supplements and various protein meal replacement options have now swept the market. However, before you decide to opt for them, it is important to keep in mind that there are several negative side effects that are associated with the prolonged intake of high protein supplements. Kidney and liver damage can be very severe and can have serious and even life-threatening consequences. It is important to talk to your doctor before you decide on any type of protein supplement. A balanced diet that contains protein rich foods along with adequate exercise is one of the most effective methods of weight loss.  

Can Kids Eat Protein Bars?

Generally speaking, nutritional supplements should not be given to growing children. A healthy, natural diet is far more effective and safe when it comes to feeding one’s child. One may, however, use a protein bar for kids to add to the diet of the child, especially when the child is growing. Naturally, this should be done once in a while and in moderation. Protein bars are far healthier than other sources of protein that kids might like such as burgers. One of the negative protein bars effects on kids is the fact that these bars are sometimes used to replace important meals during the day. This is where the imbalance and all the associated problems come into the picture

What Are Quick Lean Protein Meals?

Lean protein is protein that is consumed without much fat content. This includes lean meats and a variety of protein supplements. One issue with quick lean protein meal ideas is the fact that the body needs some amount of fat to help it process protein effectively. A lack of fat will lead to the protein going waste. That said, one can use quick lean protein diet recipes to add to one’s nutritional intake, especially if one is building muscle. The best way to do this is to first achieve a balanced weight and maintain this weight. Subsequently, one can improve on the situation by adding lean protein which will help with muscle building.

Do Protein Shakes Make You Fat?

In short, one can say that protein shakes causes weight gain. However, there is a lot more that goes into such a question. The aim of an individual is to put on weight in the form of muscle as this is a healthy way to maintain one’s ideal body weight. Most protein shakes do not add too much fat to the body which makes them ideal companions for individuals who are underweight and who wish to add bulk in the form of muscles. Protein shakes are especially dangerous for weight gain when an individual consumes them without putting in any exercise at all.
Submitted on September 27, 2010