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Make Smart Food Choices With Nutrition Diet

Supermarkets are the place where you can find every product available in the contemporary marketplace. Supermarkets offer consumers a wide array of choices in all product categories as compared to convenience or departmental stores.

When you shop in a supermarket, you are literally bombarded with a wide assortment of choices. You need to be smart enough in your supermarket shopping, particularly for diet, so that you end up making the right choices.

Tips For Shopping In Supermarket

  • Always check the food labels for nutritional facts and information on ingredients and manufacturing dates.
  • When you buy cereals, you are recommended to select whole grain cereals with at least five grams of fiber per serving.
    You may buy whole grain hot cereals (like oat meal and oat bran) or whole grain cold cereals (like shredded wheat and grape nuts).
  • You must not buy highly refined cereals like grits and creams of wheat and rice on account of their low fiber content.
  • When you buy rice, pasta and other grains, look for the world ‘whole’ on the label.
  • When you buy snacks, you must choose the snack items that are filling as well as healthy. Rice cakes and pop corn cakes can be good options for snacks. You may also buy kernels of pop-corns and pop them fresh at home.
  • You must keep a check on the fat content of your snacks and as such, you should choose low fat snacks like baked corn or tortilla chips, baked potato chips, and pretzels.
  • When you buy beverages, you are advised to buy 100% fruit juices over cocktails and punches, as these drinks are high in artificial sugar and very low in real fruit content. You should also purchase traditional coffee and tea rather than the flavored version of these beverages.
  • The oils you purchase must be unsaturated. Mono-saturated oils like olive, canola, and peanut oil are low in fat content and as such, their usage in small amounts is healthy.  
  • When you purchase dairy products, you must choose skimmed and fat free milk products instead of regular and whole dairy items. Besides these regular items, you may also choose to buy organic milk, lactose reduced milk, and acidophilus milk.
  • These are a few tips for smart supermarket shopping for your diet. You must always make an effort to buy the foods that are best in terms of nutrition.  

Submitted on January 16, 2014