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Breakfast Shakes

A great way to kick start your day is with any nutritious breakfast shakes made with your favorite ingredients. This is the fastest and easiest way to have a complete meal with all the nutrients in it and which requires no cooking time and can be gulped down in a jiffy too before hurrying out for the day. The basic ingredients required for a morning breakfast shake are a liquid with carbohydrates and proteins. The best milk shake is a smoothie which has the goodness of fresh fruits, soy milk or slim milk and a protein mix to enhance the protein content in it.

Healthy shakes for breakfast are not just healthy but also low in calories and delicious to taste.
This is because you can have little or no fat content in it, only the natural sugar found in the fresh fruits and enough fiber content from these fruits. Soy milk, if it agrees with you, is an ideal base for your breakfast shake. You can add any seasonal fresh fruit to it and make yourself a cocktail shake which gives you the required daily dose of minerals and vitamins too. The kiwi fruit which is packed with anti-oxidants, or straw berries, blue berries, bananas can give you a healthy and tasty breakfast shake.

Protein breakfast shakes can be made with malted milk powder, pea nut butter and protein supplements added to it. Amino acids or protein supplements are available in liquid forms and can be added to the breakfast shake to make it packed with proteins. This is a good weight loss diet too as it increases your metabolic rate and keeps hunger at bay for a longer period. You can make it the same way you would make a fruit smoothie for yourself only add the liquid protein supplement to the drink.

Low carb breakfast shakes are good for those who are on a weight loss diet and need to boost their energy for the day while they remain on a low calorie diet. A low carb shake can be made with some coffee powder, flax seed powder, low carb protein powder and coconut milk or skimmed milk with no sugar or a sugar free sweetener. This makes you feel satiated and gives you the energy boost which you require in the morning. An iced low calorie milk shake can make you feel very refreshed in the morning without feeling heavy and sluggish.
Submitted on January 16, 2014