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Low Carb Protein Shakes

Low carb protein shakes are great post workout drinks especially for people who do not want to gain more weight. These shakes can provide proteins which are required for repairing tissues after weight workouts and at the same time they cut down carbohydrate intake which can cause high blood sugar levels and also lead to weight gain. Many people have the misconception that protein intake after a workout increases muscle size. However this is not true because proteins play no part in enhancing muscle size and this mainly depends on the nature of the workout being done. On the other hand, irrespective of the type of weight workout, muscle tissues do get damaged in the process and proteins help in repairing these tissues.
Therefore low carb protein weight loss shakes are ideal for those who want to steer away from weight gain and avoid unnecessary carbohydrates while taking in the benefits of proteins. These shakes also help in increasing cellular metabolism which helps in burning fat faster.  

Low carb protein shakes for diabetes are usually prepared by mixing protein powder in water, milk or fruit juice. These shakes are had by bodybuilders as well as those people wanting to lose weight. Some shakes are completely free of carbs and fats while some others have them in smaller quantities. The energy and strength required by the body is provided by the proteins as opposed to the carbs in such shakes. These protein shakes contain very small quantities of sodium, potassium, carbohydrates, fats, calories, cholesterol and sugar and high protein content. Protein shakes can be made from soy, whey, eggs or a dairy base. However, low carb protein shakes alone cannot help you lose weight. They have to be combined with a good diet and exercise regime.   

Protein shakes are very easy to prepare. A scoop of protein powder mixed with water, milk or fruit juice can give you a delicious drink in minutes. A blender can be used to give it a creamier and smoother texture. These shakes are best served cold. The best time to have such a shake is early in the morning especially because there is a big time gap between dinner and breakfast and proteins can be digested faster. Most people who have a fast paced work routine and tend to miss meals can also benefit from such low carb protein shakes which can be prepared in minutes and can be used as meal replacements.


Submitted on April 8, 2011