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Shakes After Workout

Weight lifting and strength training burns calories, breaks down muscle, and causes you to sweat. Therefore, you will require post work out shakes for rehydration and muscle recovery. Questions on pre and post workout shakes are commonly asked, and the main benefit of it is for recovery and muscle growth. So, make sure that you take time and care in preparing the shakes, using the right ingredients for effective results. It is especially important after performing an intense workout session to choose a healthy shake for recovery.
It is believed by many trainers that your intake after completion of the workout session is the most important of the day. There are many reasons that support this idea and can help you greatly.

After a workout session for a certain time period, you will come into a catabolic state with reduced muscle glycogen and increased cortisol. The cortisol can cause more muscle to get broken down than you would like, making the effort you have put into the workout to no use. If you have something that can cause this effect to be reversed, nutrients can be sent to the muscles that can be beneficial. One of the simplest ways to do this is to have post workout shakes, which can be digested quickly and are fast acting. After you perform your workout, the body’s demand for amino acids will be increased. These acids aid in the repair and rebuilding of the tissue. Consuming protein shakes post workout can provide the body with a good quantity of amino acids that can be absorbed by the body much faster than solid foods. However, you should note that protein shakes post workout and post workout recovery shakes are not the same thing. You can tell a protein shake from the fact that they will have more amounts of protein than carbohydrates.

Carb Shakes Post Workout

Having carb shakes post workout help in repair and tissue growth. This is because the processing of carbs by the body occurs more efficiently after working out, as the sensitivity to insulin will be decreased. This enables more efficient absorption of the amino acids by the body to help in muscle recovery. When using your own post workout shakes recipes you can add carbs by using frozen or fresh fruits like a cup of berries and a banana, which will also provide a lot of other minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. When you’re performing weight training to effectively put on lean muscle and build mass, you will be working harder to increase size and strength. This will cause a constant strain on the muscles, making the body understand that there is a requirement for an increase of mass for proper performance. The increased mass will provide you with a good physique and better appearance, and the muscle will give protection to your body and equate it to a quicker metabolism. However, each time you workout trauma will be caused to the fibers of the muscles on a cellular level, and the muscles will get damaged. Therefore, consuming post workout shakes for bodybuilding like those that contain dextrose will start the process of repair and enhance the muscle recovery process as soon as you finish your workout. There are many other post workout shakes for men that are available commercially; you can check with your fitness instructor which would be best for you.

Weight Loss Shakes After Exercise

Post workout shakes for weight loss are considered to be effective by many manufactures as the shakes help in building muscle and reducing body fat. Post workout shakes are usually made with whey protein. A study has shown that whey protein can significantly help with weight loss and appetite suppression since the individuals in the study who had whey protein ate a lesser quantity in the next meal and were less hungry. Those who perform exercise for an hour usually do not require extra protein. However, for the ones who perform workouts that are strenuous, the post workout shake ratio of protein to carbohydrates can be 1:3 or 1:4 to help in recovery. If you have decided to have post workout shakes, you should see to it that the protein to carbohydrate ratio comes in this range, because some individuals take too much protein. If you are attempting to reduce weight, the number of calories you take throughout the day should be less so that making use of the shake as a meal replacement is more effective than using it as a supplement.

Protein Shakes After Cardio

Drinking protein shakes after cardio can provide you with the carbohydrates, protein, and liquid that you will require. Liquids will prevent you from becoming dehydrated because of the loss of sweat during the workout. Protein is necessary for the rebuilding of muscles that breakdown during the workout, and carbohydrates are required to replace the glycogen stores that have been used in the workout. There are plenty of post workout shakes for women and men available in the market, but you should make sure to do a complete research of the product and consult a nutritionist before using it.

Submitted on January 16, 2014