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Fat Loss Diet and Herbal Fat Burners

I weigh 80 kilos and my height is 166cm. What fat burner should I use and what diet should I follow while I am using fat burner. How many fat burner pill I should take in a day. Should they be taken on empty stomach?

Before you go through the route of fat burners to lose weight you need to know some things about the same. Fat burners are basically pills containing certain herbal ingredients like Chitosan, HCA (hydroxycitrate), Pyruvate and Ehpedra.
The fat burners which contain these herbs claim to stimulate your metabolism, increase energy expenditure or suppress your appetite. All these herbs and dietary supplements are not studied enough to prove their high claims. Moreover the side effects, long term effects and interactions with certain medications are also not clearly known.

Let me tell you some facts about these herbs used in fat burner pills. Chitosan is a substance derived from the skeleton of marine animals like crabs. It tends to combine with the carotenoids and other fat soluble vitamins and impairs its absorption in the body. Ephedra is an herb that stimulates the heart and nervous system. The FDA (food and drug administration) have more than 800 reports for the adverse effect of this herb, some of them include high blood pressure, irregular heart rate, headache, nervousness, insomnia, heart attacks, seizures and strokes. Pyruvate an end product of sugar metabolism claims to reduce cholesterol and increase fat and weight loss. However more researches are needed to prove its effects. HCA is a substance extracted from the fruit of garcina tree.  Studies prove that it is ineffective for weight loss and you shouldn’t take supplements containing HCA unless you like to waste your money.

As you can see that from the above information all the herbs and substances commonly used in the fat burners are not helpful to lose weight, I would not recommend any fat burners to you. Then too if you choose to go for fat burners for losing weight see for the ones that have FDA approval. Follow the instructions accordingly like when to take and what diet to follow when you are on these fat burners. Before starting any herbal supplement or fat burners it is wise to consult a specialist for proper recommendation and guidance to avoid any side effects.

The best way to lose weight is by following a combination of both diet and exercise. A well balanced diet low in fat and high in fiber will aid in the weight loss process. Focus on whole grains, cereals, whole pulses, beans, sprouts, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, fish, poultry without skin and low fat or fat free dairy products. Exercise along with following a healthy diet as it will not only help you to lose weight but also keep you fit.
Submitted on January 16, 2014