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Foods for Losing Weight and Tips to Lose Weight

I am 19 years old girl and my weight is 87 kgs, while height is 5'8. Please tell me some diet for weight loss to shed my extra kilos. Also, let me know ideal weight for me and weight loss remedies?

According to your height your ideal body weight should be approximately 67 kg, so considering that, you are almost 20 kg overweight. Your BMI (body mass index) is 29.2 which means you are on the borderline of obesity. A slight increase in your weight can increase your BMI to 30 or more and you will fall in the category of obese.
Once the body mass index is calculated, you need to refer to a BMI chart, to know if your weight that comes from fat is within the normal range or not. Obesity or excess adiposity is a root cause for many life threatening diseases. You are still young, if you lose your weight and maintain an ideal body weight you will not only look more beautiful but the risk of other diseases will also decrease considerably. The following tips mentioned below will help you lose weight -

  • Make an ideal goal and try to lose weight at a gradual pace with the help of diet and exercise. Even a decrease of ½ kg per week will make you slim in a year (according to ½ kg weight loss per week you can lose 2 kg per month and 24 kg per year).
  • Avoid long periods of starvation especially before your main meals or evening snack time. This is the time where you normally tend to eat all the fried or junk foods and snacks. If you are hungry for a long period before this time you will definitely binge on these foods and gain more weight.
  • Lose weight in a healthy way by including healthy foods in your diet. Your diet should comprise of unprocessed cereals, grains and its products and fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods not only have negligible fats but are also high in other nutrients and fiber which keep your body healthy and promote weight loss.
  • Before starting your meals eat a bowl of vegetable salad without any fatty dressing like mayonnaise. Fresh vegetables will satisfy your hunger to some extent and you will tend to binge less on other foods.
  • For proteins include egg yolks, fat free dairy products, fish, de skinned poultry and meat in moderation. Avoid other protein sources that are high in saturated fats and cholesterol like shell fish, organ meats, pork, meat and egg yolk.
  • Keep yourself well hydrated. Many times your body sends you the signal of hunger but you are actually thirsty. If you feel hungry at wrong time or immediately after your meals or eating snacks then drink water, probably you are thirsty and not hungry.
  • Avoid other foods completely that are high in fat like fried foods, junk foods like cheese pizzas, cheese burgers, cakes, pastries, cookies, wafers, chips, carbonated beverages, colas and sodas. These foods add extra unnecessary calories to your diet and make you fat.
  • Increase your physical activity and avoid a sedentary lifestyle. Indulge in sports or other activities you love, like swimming, cycling, jogging, skipping, and playing table tennis or brisk walking.

Diet for losing weight

One of the healthiest ways to lose weight is not to go on a crash diet or follow the commercially available fad diets but to draw up a diet plan for losing weight. This more effective as the body tends to favour slow changes with respect to exercise and food. A weight loss diet should be designed keeping in mind that the body requires food for energy to perform the various bodily functions.  In fact any excess energy that the body receives through food is stored in the body as fat. Hence a healthy diet for losing weight should be aimed at reducing the amount of calories that one consumes and on the other hand should encourage the individual to increase their levels of activity. A diet plan for losing weight should aim at reducing the intake of fats as fats contain the highest amount of calories as compared to other food groups such as carbohydrates and proteins.  A diet for losing weight should include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as whole grain vegetables. One should ensure that they do not consume too much of alcohol or fizzy drinks that tend to have a high calorie content and instead these drinks should be replaced with plenty of fresh drinking water.Similarly one should also cut down on the consumption of foods that are high in sugar and refined flour such as cakes, pastries , candy and so on as part of the diet plan for losing weight.

Those intend on taking up a diet for losing weight should ensure that they do not skip any meals especially breakfast as this would result  in them being likely to overeat in their meal to compensate. Moreover in order to fill this gap, they may even consume snacks that are high in calories thereby defeating the purpose of the weight loss diet. A diet plan for losing weight should ensure that one consumes a well balanced diet that includes foods from all the five food groups and regular meals during the day as irregular or poor eating habits tend to disrupt the metabolism of the body which makes it even more difficult to lose weight.

Best foods to lose weight should also include meat, eggs and fish alternatives such as lentils and beans as they are rich sources of proteins which is required by the body for the repair and the growth of muscles and tissues. One may also consume lean meats such as chicken, turkey and even duck in small portions as these meats are known to be good sources of zinc, B vitamins, iron and selenium. One may also consume fish as part of a healthy diet for losing weight as fish is one of the richest sources of omega 3 fatty acids. A diet chart for weight loss should aim at losing weight at a gradual pace with a combination of diet and exercise. One should increase the consumption of unprocessed grains and cereals along with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits as these foods have negligible amounts of fat content and are also rich in fibre which helps in keeping one feeling full and satiated for longer periods of time as fibre takes time to digest and in fact aids the digestion process and also promotes weight loss.

As part of a diet for losing weight one should also ensure that they drink plenty of water thereby keeping their body hydrated. This is essential because many a times the body sends one signals of huger whereas in reality it is actually thirsty. One should also take up some physical activity such as aerobics, walking, swimming and so on as this helps in burning calories.

Submitted on January 16, 2014