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Cheese is a favorite food for many, cheese is ideal to be eaten singly or by including it in several different dishes which cheese helps making tastier. There has been therefore, an ever increasing demand for cheese in the market, and cheese manufacturers are introducing new flavors of cheese to increase anticipation and interest in cheese of the consumers.

Cheese can be prepared from whole fat milk as well as from low fat milk, it is being noticed that cheese made from low fat milk retains its nutrition while giving lesser saturated fats to consumers. Cheese is rich in zinc, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, Vitamin B12, riboflavin, etc. therefore, consuming low fat cheese is ideal that consuming high fat cheese.

Cheese is an ideal food to be given to growing girls, since calcium rich foods helps in building stronger bones as well as avoid cancer causing cells to grow.
Cheese is also better absorbed by the body than any of the calcium supplements. Eating calcium was more beneficial for increasing the cortical bone mass than eating calcium supplement. Since cheese is rich in calcium, it can also avoid other ailments like osteoporosis, PMS, cancer, etc.

Gout is another form of arthritis, which is caused by eating foods which have high concentration of purines like the fish, shellfish, mackerel, etc. studies reveal that eating calcium might reduce the risk of getting Gout of ‘Big Toe’ as it is normally referred as. All those who drank alcohol, consumed meat and other purine rich foods, has higher chances of developing gout, all those who started consuming dairy products reduced risk of developing gout by over 50%.

Cheese is also a rich source of protein, which is extremely necessary for making amino acids, our human system is based on these acids, eating cheese provided almost 13 percent of our daily requirement of protein.

Calcium has been also found important for burning calories, which is so important for men and women wanting to reduce weight. Women who consumed calcium rich foods were able to burn calories faster than those who did not consume calcium rich foods.

Cheese can be included in several different ways in foods, there are several tasty and nutritious dishes that can be made from cheese, cheese can be included in making wholesome pizzas if you can put nutritious toppings with cheese, it would make it a good nutritious meal with low calories.
Submitted on January 16, 2014