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Cows Milk

Cow’s milk is an inseparable part of daily diet of millions around the world, it ia a habit inculcated in the very childhood to include cows milk in cereals or drink a glass of milk before you go on the move. This healthy food has provided health benefits to all those who have been consuming this food.

Cow’s milk comes in different levels of fat content. The lowest being 2% fat where all fat has been removed in advance, while keeping the nutritional balance of food intact, there are higher fat varieties of cows milk however, consuming low fat milk is better to body.
Cow’s milk is a good source of Vitamin D and calcium.

Calcium is known to be beneficial in maintaining bone health as well as preventing many health complications among adults and children like childhood obesity, etc. calcium rich diet has known to burn calories faster than any other diet, therefore calcium plays an important part in maintaining health and weight.

It has also been found out that all those women who had calcium rich diary products food made from cows milk were at 45% lower risk of developing breast cancer than those who were not.
Calcium also helps maintaining regulation of enzyme activity, blood pressure regulation, etc.  Cows milk not just provides calcium but also provides Vitamin D, vitamin D help in fortifying, calcium in bones, this is important because whenever body finds low levels of calcium in food, it starts drawing calcium out of bones making bones weaker.

Cows milk also helps reduce metabolic syndrome, a syndrome, caused by process of aging, all those who consumed milk daily reduced the risk of metabolic syndrome by 62%. This is especially beneficial to the aged who are faced with the risk of metabolic syndrome.

Cows milk is best consumed when it is low fat, since it avoids body from getting saturated fat, that takes away benefits from the milk. Low fat milk provides as much nutrition. Milk is rich in calcium therefore, it helps burning of calories faster than exercising therefore, eating calcium rich diet can help women trim their waistline.

Cows milk is also rich in riboflavin and Vitamin B12, both these proteins help in energy production, process of methylation and also formation of active molecules. Milk also helps in production of red blood cells which helps in prevention of anemia. Therefore cows milk is healthy to be consumed each day.
Submitted on January 16, 2014