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Goats Milk

Goats milk is being consumed by masses all over the world, all those people who run goat farms are used to consuming goats milk rather than the cow’s milk. However, it has not gained much popularity in developed nations and some of the urban regions of the world.

Goats milk is slightly sweet and salty to taste, this milk is available in most places all year round, goats milk provides equivalent nutrition to cows milk only sometimes better since goats milk is easier to digest and its nutritional composition is closer to human milk.

All those who suffer with cows milk allergy can use goats milk to fulfill their daily requirement of cows milk, which is less likely to trigger any allergic reaction. Therefore, goats milk is more acceptable to the body than cows milk.

Goats milk contains high levels of calcium and protein even better than the cows milk, therefore this is excellent to build strong bones among children and young girls who have  much more requirement of calcium than anyone else. Rich calcium levels can also prevent several diseases like osteoporosis and cancers. Rich calcium levels are also beneficial for those who are interested in losing weight, since calcium triggers faster burning of calories.

Goats milk can reduce metabolic syndrome by reducing levels of glucose inside blood, and also improve insulin action, this can happen from goats and cows that have been fed with grass diet. For this benefit, it is necessary to enjoy a pint of milk each day.

Goats milk is rich in riboflavin i.e. Vitamin B2 which is very important for energy production by using protein and oxygen which produce energy, this is especially important for those organs which are in constant need of energy like the heart and other muscles of the body.

Though goats milk has not gained much popularity in developed world, it can be used in as many different forms as the cows milk. In fact goats milk is even better since it is lighter to digest so all those having difficult in digesting cows milk can use goats milk, smaller fat molecules inside goats milk does not allow separation of fat and therefore, the milk remains wholesome for consumption.

You can also convert goats milk into yogurt and consume it, the milder taste of goats milk appeals to many, especially those who are not much fond of cows milk smell.
Submitted on January 16, 2014