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Green Peas

Information regarding health benefits from green beans, how to cook and store green beans.Green peas are naturally packed nutritious foods. Green peas are available in fresh, canned and frozen states. The best are the fresh peas, however, less than 90% of peas are consumed fresh, rest are either canned or frozen. Scientists prefer frozen peas are better for consumption than the canned peas. Frozen peas contain less sodium and are able to retain higher nutritional elements than the canned peas.

Green peas are rich in Vitamin K1, this vitamin is essential for the body to maintain health of bones. Osteocalcin is a protein inside bones, with Vitamin K1 this protein carried out mineralization of bones. Without Vitamin K1 this process could not be made adequate. Green peas are ideal to consume when you are not feeling energized, green peas have several nutrients like riboflavin, thiamine, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B3 etc. which protect energy protecting cells. Consumption of green peas could energize you.

Green peas are a good source of protein as well as other nutritional elements like vitamins, mineral and fiber. Green peas are also rich in folic acid; this acid can help prevent cardiovascular illnesses. It has been studied that if per person consumption was made 400mg of peas it would greatly reduce the extent of cardiovascular deaths.

Fiber helps in proper digestion of food, it is extremely important in fight against cancer because fiber binds toxins to it and assists in removal of toxins from the body.
Green peas are also rich in iron, so these become and ideal food to feed lactating or pregnant women who often face lack of iron.

Green peas are the best when eaten fresh, you can eat these raw like peanuts or by making dishes out of the peas. Green peas are rich colored and fine textured, apart from their nutritional content, so these are ideal to use to make an attractive dish. You can also use peas to make green peas cutlets and other such fun dishes. Green peas can be included in salads and rice recipes.

Green peas can be stored for a long time if these have been properly treated. If you want to enjoy no-chemical packed green peas, you can bring fresh peas and pack these in a vacuum zip bag and store them in the freezer, you can use them even after months of storing them, you should try keeping peas in small packs since these will be easy to use.

Green peas are hardly a good to ignore, enjoy the goodness of green peas as fresh and frozen.
Submitted on January 16, 2014