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Beverly Hills Diet

Nutrition is one of the fundamental requirements of the human body. Nutrition provides the body with fuel for energy as well as with raw materials that are needed for the production and maintenance of various body parts and body systems. The human digestive system is suited to cooked food with certain raw foods like fruits being permitted. When food is consumed, the process of digestion begins in the mouth itself. Food then passes into the stomach where it is broken down into its various components.
This food is then absorbed into the body in the intestinal system. Waste foods are passed out of the body in the form of fecal matter. The absorbed nutrients are then sent to different parts of the body that need the nutrition. This may be used for energy production, tissue production or may be kept as fat for storage.

Every individual has a different dietary requirement. This requirement varies based on aspects such as physical effort endured by the individual. Other factors include the individual’s general physique and aspects associated with each person’s rate of metabolism. An individual is considered to be overweight if his or her body mass is calculated as higher than 25 in the body mass index. This type of calculation is performed using the height and weight of the individual. Those who score over 30 in the body mass index calculation may be termed as obese. Excess weight is a risk factor for many diseases and medical conditions. Individuals who are overweight will also be incapable of performing some simple physical tasks. One may try to lose weight using either diet moderation or by improving one’s exercise regime. In reality, a combination of both these changes is essential for the individual to lose weight and improve his or her health.

There are many different diet plans that have been developed over the years. Some diet plans are based on logical science while others may be based on unverified facts. It is important for an individual to understand the changes that are being suggested by each and every diet plan. Some diet plans may create a situation that is harmful to the health of the individual, particularly those plans that starve the body of particular nutrients. These types of diet plans can cause severe health problems especially if they lead to the generation of toxins within the body. Regardless of what advertisements and claims one might come across, all diet plans require time and patients. These plans are only successful once the individual has spent a considerable amount of time as the body needs to get used to the new regime of nutrition.

One such diet plan is the Beverly Hills diet plan. This diet is one of the diets that is severely restrictive in terms of the foods that an individual is allowed to consume. Initially, the Beverly Hills diet recommended an extreme form of dieting where the intake of calories and proteins is severely restricted. This is not considered to be healthy by most doctors and dieticians. Therefore, the new Beverly Hills diet has been developed based on the merits of the old Beverly Hills diet plan. The logic behind the Beverly Hills diet and the new Beverly Hills diet is related to the combination of various foods with each other. According to the author of the Beverly Hills diet and proponents of this diet plan, an individual will put on weight when he or she consumes food in the wrong types of combinations. The Beverly Hills diet stresses on consuming the right combinations of food at the right times during the day. The logic behind this plan appears to be against the modern set up where we consume three meals per day.

The new Beverly Hills diet recommends that individuals consume proteins, carbohydrates and fruits all separately from each other. These food groups should not be mixed with each other because they result in the improper digestion of food. The Beverly Hills diet meal plan involves the consumption of fruits freely for the first part of the day. The individual can then switch to consuming carbohydrates. This should be done after a two hour gap from the last consumption of fruits. The diet does not restrict the quantities of fruit nor does it restrict the quantities of carbohydrates. When an individual wishes to switch to protein, he or she must do so in such a way that 80% of the food consumed in the rest of the day must be protein only. One may consume beverages that include fruit juices and light alcoholic drinks such as wine and champagne.

There are many critics for the Beverly Hills diet and the new Beverly Hills diet plan. Most critics suggest that these plans may provide some short term gains to the individual without providing any long term benefits. The author of the Beverly Hills diet and the new Beverly Hills diet also believes that there is no relationship between exercise and weight loss. Studies have shown that this is simply untrue. Weight loss takes place when the body burns excess fat for energy. This can be done only if the body endures periods of physical activity. The older Beverly Hills diet also suffers from a complete lack of nutrition which could be potentially dangerous to the health of the individual.

One universally praised aspect of the new Beverly Hills diet is the inclusion of fruits in the plan. Fruits provide the body with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Fruits also provide the individual with fiber and are extremely good for the overall health of an individual. A person who adds fruits to his or her diet should notice improvements in health over a period of time. This aspect of the new Beverly Hills diet should be adopted by all people, especially by those who have a minimal or nonexistent quantity of fruit in their diet. Most fruits provide the body with nutrients that would otherwise be unavailable in modern processed foods.
Submitted on January 16, 2014