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Diet Shake


Shake diets help in weight loss in a healthy manner. Diet shakes are low in carbohydrate and high in protein. They provide around 15 to 30 grams of protein and around 100 calories. Diet shakes prove beneficial in addition to low calorie diets.

Replacement of diet shake as a part of the meal pattern is helpful.

An individual on diet shake are recommended a 1500 calorie diet. Exercise in a regular manner is useful in conjunction with diet shakes. Shake diets form a part of the breakfast and lunch, thereby allowing a low fat dinner. The breakfast and lunch contribute to 450 calories or less, thereby accounting to one third of the recommendation. This is also replaced by weight loss shakes in the dinner with a regular breakfast and lunch.

Weight loss diet shakes help in weight loss, in addition to prevention of weight gain subsequently. Diet shakes are efficient, when used in a proper manner. Meal replacement shakes are much effective and efficient than the regular meals, especially, as improperly planned meals prove costly and unhealthy. Shake diets comprise of powders that are blended with fruit juices or water. They are easy to prepare and cost effective.

Skimmed milk or fruit juice are considered for diet shake preparation. A cup of skimmed milk provides 80 calories. Artificial sweeteners provide negligible calories. A diet shake is considered to be healthy if it contributes to around 28 calories per ounce. Half a teaspoon of wheat germ to a weight loss shakes increases the calories by 25. Shake diets provide high quality proteins, averaging to 12 grams per serve. The weight loss is fast and easy. The shake diets are easy to prepare and is ready in five minutes. The weight loss shake is mixed in a blender, to obtain a smooth shake. Ice is optional to get a cold shake. Shake diets prove effective, especially during workouts. It increases the muscle formation and aids in weight loss, due to increased energy expenditure. Protein snacks and protein drinks prove helpful, in addition to weight loss shakes.

Certain liquid shake diets have the demerit of weight gain. This is due to the reversal to solid diets after diet. The likelihood of recurrence of lost weight is possible. The diet shakes contribute to lesser calories, as less as 100 to 200 calories in every meal. A balanced mix of protein, fibre, carbohydrate and enzymes are provided.

Submitted on January 16, 2014