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Idiot Proof Diet


Idiot proof diet is a easy to follow diet, which is accessible to everyone. The theory of the idiot proof diet is the adjustment of the intake of calories and nutrients ratio, thereby preventing the availability of a pre established metabolic rate. Slowing down of the metabolic rate is one of the common issues of dieting in weight loss. This diet prevents the decrease in the metabolic rate.

Idiot proof diet is also referred to as diet for idiots, which is followed for 11 days.

The 11-day pattern is followed by a three day free period. Certain guidelines of the idiot proof diet are as follows:

  1. About four to six meals are preferred, instead of the regular three meals. This helps in the balancing of blood glucose levels.
  2. Food calories are manipulated throughout the eleven days.
  3. Condiments are restricted and used in a minimal manner. This makes the meal simple, thereby reducing the calorie intake.
  4. Home made foods help in keeping the meals hygienic and nutritious.
  5. A cyclic rotation of carbohydrate and protein meals is effective.
  6. Beverages should provide less than ten calories per glass. Contribution of more calories by beverages is not recommended.
  7. About eight to ten glasses of water proves beneficial in removal of toxic metabolites.
  8. Sweets are restricted or avoided completely.
  9. Eating at fixed time is not preferred.
  10. About half an hour of workout session, twice a day is recommended, which can be replaced by a forty five minute exercise session, in a single go.

Though no claims are made by this diet, the idiot proof diet, offers less calories from carbohydrates. It is analogous to any low carbohydrate plan. This results in the loss of extra pounds. Protein in the diet contributes to a lesser increase in blood glucose level, thereby resulting in weight loss. Starvation from food is not allowed. The choice of food is good. The foods that are included are cantaloupe, pasta, tuna, cottage cheese, hamburger, and cheese omelets, chicken, mixed nuts, pastrami and mixed fruits. A number of online sources are available. The list of foods proves helpful in following a diet, which is easy to follow. Reading food labels is not essential. Counting of calories is also not necessary in a free idiot proof diet, as it is computed online. Constant shift in calorie source results in speeding up the metabolism, thereby resulting in fat and weight loss.

Submitted on January 16, 2014