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NutriSystem Diet

Nutrisystem diet is a weight loss program that combines supplements, pre-made meals, or even prepared food at your door step. Following a nutrisystem diet means eating foods high in proteins (25% lean proteins), carbohydrates with low glycemic index (55%) and moderate fat (20%). The main goal of nutrisystem diet is to offer a long-term weight loss. The main location to spot this diet is online, where they offer advice and sell their products. Once a member you will get counseling, one week food (that can be even delivered at home) and online nutrition class.
This weight loss plan can be very expensive around $ 70 along with a full week of food. Thus people with low budget plans should consider other weight loss options before enrolling in this diet. After the diet program is over, you might need to prepare the meals at home itself, so take all the advantage of the nutritional education offered as the part of the program.
You will be encouraged to eat 5 healthy meals a day including breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner and dessert and follow your own specific plan. The meals that they provide need no refrigeration and may require only addition of hot water or keep in microwave. Most of the snacks and desserts are in ready to eat form and the meals include scrambled eggs, pasta salad, puddings, banana spice muffins, chocolate fudge cake, biscotti or green pepper steak with rice. There are special plans for men, women, vegetarians, type 2 diabetes, old age and other people with specialized needs. Also you can design your own exercise plans according to your ability, problem areas and exercise performance. They also have their own chain of fitness centers if you prefer going to a gym.


  1. Meals are delivered at your door step. Also provides step wise shopping list to make additional meals at home easy.
  2. Very convenient especially fits in a busy schedule as the need for cooking decreases.
  3. Counseling is offered online or over the phone for better eating habits. Thus saves time of a person to visit a specialist for his/her problems.


  1. A very costly diet plan, especially for people who wish to stick to this diet for long period of time.
  2. Diet cannot last for a longer duration and learning to adjust with the diet after its completion is very important.
Weight loss will vary depending on the age, sex, your activity level and determination. Nutrisystem may recommend a multivitamin supplement (often their own brand) for people over sixty age and also offers a month free supply when they sign up.
Submitted on January 16, 2014