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Women Fitness Tips 


Fitness tips help in keeping oneself hale and healthy. It prevents the entry of germs, thereby any kind of illnesses. Inactivity, stress, improper diet pattern are some of the reasons for poor physiological or psychological health. Womens fitness tips involve many criterions. Many women are home makers, due to which they have a sedentary life style.

Working women involved in desk jobs also exhibit sedentary activity pattern. Their movement is restricted and intake of junk foods is more.

Movement or activity is important to keep oneself fit. Providing action to your limbs and body removes stress and ensures fitness. Walking on the lawn, mowing the lawn, playing with children, dancing to music are some fitness tips for women which are easy to adhere to. Lifestyle modifications include abstinence from smoking and alcohol. Nicotine in cigarettes affects the central nervous system. Though it is considered as a stress buster, it is not so. Stress reduction helps in a fitter you! Stress is reduced by certain alternative therapies, such as meditation and yoga. Walking, swimming, listening to music, soaking in a Jacuzzi, playing with pets are some stress relievers. Rest and relaxation helps in coping up with the daily stress.

Food plays a vital role in shaping your physical and psychological system. A balanced diet comprising of fruits, vegetables, whole grains and cereals prove beneficial. Avoid Trans fats and saturated fats. Opt for plant oils, such as flaxseed oil, olive oil, soya bean oil, safflower oil or sunflower oil. Skimmed dairy products and wholesome fresh foods are preferred. Avoid processed foods and junk foods. Adequate amount of water and liquids in your diet is helpful in flushing off the toxic metabolites and other wastes. It hydrates your body, thereby helping in a lot of metabolic functions. Dehydration results in slow metabolic processes.

Protecting yourself from environmental pollution is quite difficult. If possible, avoid places that are highly polluted. Indoor exercising is preferred. Walk or jog outside, when there is less pollution, such as early morning. Evening walks and jogs are preferred in parks or common areas as high pollution levels are seen in the evening.

Other useful tips for staying healthy are flossing on a daily basis as it helps in controlling gum diseases. This indirectly prevents heart diseases and stroke.
Optimism in the mind helps in the long run. Fitness is ensured by positive thoughts. Think about the best things happened to you. Avoid any kind of negative feelings. Negative vibrations affect your feelings. All these above said points are good women fitness tips.

What Should Elderly People Not Eat?

Foods for elderly people are often determined by health issues that the individual concerned may have experienced during life. Such health conditions often determine what can and what cannot be eaten. Assuming that these conditions are specific to individuals one can say that a general diet for elderly people must contain plenty of fiber and plenty of fluids. Both fluids and fiber work to improve the efficiency of the digestive system. Juices are also easily digested, thus allowing nutrition to be delivered quickly to the body. A diet for elderly people should be balanced and should not include any excessively heavy meals.

How To Reduce The Stomach After The C-Section Delivery?

A cesarean delivery is a surgical delivery done when natural labor is unsuccessful at delivering the baby. Women who want to reduce tummy after cesarean delivery need to follow the same tips that women who give birth naturally would follow. The main difference is the recovery time after the surgery. Once this has passed, the woman may exercise after cesarean delivery without much of an issue. General exercise such as running and jogging can commence the moment recovery is complete. These exercises are performed over medium or long durations to help burn energy, thus burning excess fat. Nutrition levels should be maintained so that healthy breast milk is available to the baby.
Submitted on March 31, 2010