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Cabbage Soup Diet Recipes

 The problems posed by obesity or even simply being overweight have only become more prominent over the last few years because of the fact that the condition has spread so rapidly – causing a number of countries to label the condition a ‘pandemic’. There are a number of factors that have led to this outbreak of obesity including the advancement of technology meaning that the amount of physical labor and movement is significantly reduced in order to complete certain tasks. Another very important aspect that should not be ignored is the fact that the highly stressful and hectic lives that most of us lead means that fast foods such as burgers and hot fogs are becoming more of a regular meal than a snack. It is easy to understand this taking place because most of us do not really have the time to be able to prepare a nutritious meal and simply purchasing a hot dog or burger on the way to some important business meeting is so much more convenient. However, the effects that this habit has in the long run should never be underestimated as it will significantly affect your overall lifestyle.

Problems like lethargy in ones movement as well as respiratory and heart diseases are very prominent conditions that are significantly influenced by obesity. In order to better understand how a poor diet influences obesity, one must know of the primary contributors in a healthy diet. A good diet will provide the body with the right amount of vitamins, nutrients and minerals while calories are also a very important part of a persons daily diet. Unfortunately, because of a lot of misinformation, calories are a highly misunderstood concept. People tend to simply assume that calories any amount of caloric intake are going to influence additional weight when calories are actually the primary building blocks of the energy that the body requires in order to be able to carry out the physical tasks over the course of the day. The problem arises when an individuals consumes excessive amounts of calories than his or her body requires – in which case the excessive calorie count is converted into fat cells in the body and stored among cells all over the body.


It is primarily because of the widespread effect that weight gain and obesity have all around the world that a number of cabbage soup recipes have sprung into prominence. Cabbage soup recipes can be found in a number of sources including the internet as well as your local book store and most of these will have some very important information such as the cabbage soup diet nutrition facts as well. While the most prominent advantage is the fact that cabbage soup will help you lose weight fast, the downside is that it lacks any significant taste while some people that have tried a cabbage soup diet for weight loss have complained of feeling light headed and weak as well as a tendency to suffer from decreased concentration. People that are happy with the cabbage soup diet, however, testify to it being a very effective method of weight loss. There are a number of methods when it comes to dieting. Some prefer to choose the slow and steady mainstream diet, much like the cabbage soup method, while others prefer the crash dieting method. While the crash dieting method is very fast and likely to show you the results better, the amount of disturbances it causes in the hormones within the body is significant and causes a person to put on weight even faster if he or she ignores the diet a little later on. 

Submitted on January 16, 2014