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  • Dietary Tips and Treatment for Hiatal Hernia
    Hiatus Hernia DietThe patient should observe certain precautions in eating habits. The foremost amongst these is not to take water with meals, but half an hour before or an hour after a meal. This helps the digestive process considerably and reduces the incident of heartburn. Other important factors in the[...]

  • Epigastric Pain Quarry | Epigastric Pain Causes & Symptoms | Epigastric Pain Radiating To Back
    Causes of epigastric pain - Individuals suffering from poor digestion or indigestion may suffer from epigastric pain. . Epigastric pain due to indigestion may cause a feeling of discomfort, nausea, belching, and flatulence.[...]

  • Pain In Legs | Lower Back Pain Treatment | Sharp Pain In Legs
    Pain in legs can be due to number of reasons such as an overstressed or torn muscle, inflamed tendon, muscle cramps, hairline fracture in the bone, shin splits, and muscle fatigue.[...]

  • Foods For Peptic Ulcer Patient | Peptic Ulcer Diet | Ulcer And Apple
    Foods for peptic ulcer - Milk and other antacids containing calcium carbonate would provide symptomatic relief to the patients with ulcer.[...]

  • Home Remedies For Stomach Pain | Cure For Bloated Stomach And Home Remedies For Gas
    Stomach Pain Treatment With Healthy Diet Stomach pain is a common ailment, and the phrase is usually referred to abdominal pain rather than actual stomach pain it can occur in any area of the abdomen, between the chest and the groin. These aches differ in degrees; some are mild while[...]

  • Foods to Eat and Avoid While Experiencing Esophagitis
    Esophagitis DietEsophagitis is nothing but inflammation along the lining of the esophagus. The esophagus is the tube that sends food from the throat into the stomach. If caught early, this condition can be treated with antifungal medication. However, if left untreated it can cause plenty of discomfort leading to scarring[...]

  • Causes, Symptoms, Remedies, Medicines and Diet for Dough
    Cough RemediesA cough is one of the most common ailments, affecting men, women and children of all ages. Almost all people have suffered from a cough at some time or the other. At times, a cough could be a one-off occurrence, which lasts for a couple of days and[...]

  • Weight Loss Surgery - Things to Consider
    Weight loss is an essential part of many individual, in order to reduce complications. Presence of disorders, like diabetes prove to be a hindrance in undergoing weight loss surgery. This surgery enables a thinner individual. It either reduces the amount of food intake or decreases the digestive capacity. This surgery[...]

  • Treatment for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
    GERD Symptoms  “What is gerd and its symptoms?” – this is one of the most common questions posed to physicians and health care providers. GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease or acid reflux disease is a condition that is caused by the acids in the stomach rising into[...]

  • Health Benefits of Psyllium: Facts, Uses and Recommendations
    Benefits of PsylliumPsyllium, also known as ispaghula is a bulk forming laxative derived from the husk of the seed of Plantago ovata. Psyllium is native to India and Iran and India dominates in the production and export of psyllium in the world market. Psyllium is commonly referred as psyllium husks[...]

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