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diet and menstruation

  • Home Remedies for Menopause | Natural Treatment | First Signs of Menopause
    Home Remedies for Menopause Menopause is a natural part in the biological cycle of all women. It signifies the time when their childbearing years end. This process may start as early as when a woman is in her thirties, and can continue into her sixties. Menopause is not an illness[...]

  • Home Remedies for Migraine Pain
    An increased frequency of migraine is seen after and prior to menses. Read further to know more.[...]

  • Improve Sexual Vigor With Evening Primrose Oil | Evening Primrose Oil Sex
    Evening Primrose Oil Sex - Primrose oil is one of the most commonly used and preferred fertility aids used by most women as primrose oil is known to make the cervical mucus more fertile and improve the overall quality of the cervical mucus.[...]

  • Dietary Tips and Foods to Eat for Treating Menorrhagia
    Menorrhagia is the condition where during menstruation an excessive amount of bleeding is noticed along with the ‘period’ lasting too long. There are some causes that may trigger menorrhagia. These include problems with the lining of the uterus, blood clotting problems and hormonal problems. Blood clotting problems may[...]

  • Home Remedies for Acne Treatment | Diet for Acne | Garlic for Acne
    Home Remedies for Acne Treatment Acne is an inflammatory skin disorder which generally affects young people during puberty. The areas most affected are the forehead, cheeks, chin, temples, back and chest. Causes include the use of cosmetic products, hormonal changes, toxins in the blood, improper diet, indigestion, constipation and menstruation[...]

  • Ginger - Side Effects and Health Benefits
    GingerThe rhizome or the underground stem of the plant zingiber officinale is used since 1500s in Chinese, Indian and Japanese medicines. The name ginger comes from a Sanskrit word which means ‘with a body like a horn’. Volatile oils and pungent phenolic compounds (gingerols and shogaols) are the[...]

  • Natural Remedies for Menopausal Hot Flashes
    Natural Remedies For Menopause Hot FlashesMenopause is the last stage in a woman’s reproductive cycle. It is characterized by the end of menstrual flow in women. After menopause, a woman becomes infertile, with no possibility of conceiving.Women have three transitional stages in their reproductive systems, thereby imparting[...]

  • Home Remedies For Dark Brown Menstrual Discharge | Dark Sticky Vaginal Discharge
    Tips For Treating Dark Brown Sticky Menstrual Discharge Dark brown menstrual discharge is bound to cause some concern. During menstruation the discharge is the lining of the uterine wall, and this is generally crimson in color. So, when someone gets a dark brown discharge, it becomes a reason to worry[...]

  • Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Diet for Menorrhagia
    Menorrhagia Or Heavy Menstruation Facts And DietMenorrhagia or Hypermenorrhea is the medical term used for excessive bleeding at the time of the menstrual period. It is a condition that is experienced by most women at some time or the other during her reproductive cycle. It can occur during menarche or[...]

  • Elderberry and Fennel Juice Health Benefits
    ELDERBERRY Sambucus nigra The Elderberry tree has long been used in Europe as a major ingredient in traditional forms of medicine. The berries, bark, leaves, and root, all have therapeutic properties. The fruit should only be picked once it is fully ripe, otherwise it might be unpalatable and mildly poisonous[...]

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