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Cucumber And Carrot Juice For Acne & Adenoids

Tonsils adenoids comprise of lymphoid tissue. Adenoids are located on the nasopharynx, which is at the back of the nose. The tonsils are seen on either sides of the throat, and are seen as two clumps of tissues. Equal proportions of carrot and spinach juice, twice a day helps to a great extent. A mixture of 100 ml of cucumber juice, 100 ml of beet juice and 300 ml of carrot juice is one of the best remedies for adenoids.

These juices are also opted for in an individual manner. Fresh lime juice with honey and salt is also an effective remedy. A glass of fresh orange juice with equal proportion of water provides relief from tonsillitis.

Adenoids removal is a surgical technique, which is also referred to as adenoidectomy. This involves the removal of the adenoid glands and is seen to accompany tonsillectomy. This procedure is done in case of ear infection or enlargement of adenoids. Recurrent attacks of tonsillitis also call for adenoidectomy.

Juices For Acne

Acne is a condition of the skin, which is a result of clogging of pores. It is primarily caused due to the swelling of the sebaceous glands, thereby increasing the sebum production. The sebum clogs the pores, which traps the dirt and worsens the condition. Acne care helps in the prevention of spread of infection.

Natural acne treatment involves the use of aloe vera pulp. Avoid the use of expired cosmetics. Unknown brands of cosmetics are not preferred. Salicylic soap is also helpful, instead of regular soap. Supplements of B complex vitamins are of great help. A decoction of basil leaves is helpful against acne. Array of topical creams and acne medication are available commercially.
Carrot juice is effective against acne, due to the various essential oils present in them. It enhances digestion, which in turn helps in the annihilation of acne. Topical application of cucumber juice is also of great help in treating acne. About four to five cups of cucumber juice, consumed daily helps in purification of blood. It also cleanses the lymphatic system, thereby provides a clean skin.

Lemon juice is also an excellent cleanser and is effective for body acne treatment. Dab cotton with lemon juice and apply to the affected area. Lemon juice acts as an astringent and cleanses the pores, thereby prevents clogging of pores. Acne remedy also involves the use of tomato juice, due to their antioxidant properties. Apply twice a day for immediate relief.
  • Reduce the consumption of fats, cream, chocolate and milk (except skimmed milk).
  • Carrot 16 fl oz (450ml) plus one of the following:
  • Carrot 6 fl oz (175ml); spinach 6 fl oz (175ml); lettuce 4 fl oz (100ml).
  • Or
  • Carrot 10 fl oz (275ml); spinach 6 fl oz (175ml).
  • Or
  • Asparagus 6 fl oz (175ml).

For Adenoids:

  • Carrot 16 fI oz (450ml) plus one of the following:
  • Horseradish (grated) 1 oz (25g); comfrey 10 II oz (275ml) .
  • Or
  • Horseradish (grated) 1 oz (25g); garlic ½ fl oz (15ml); onion 6 fl oz (l75ml).
Submitted on January 16, 2014