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Juices for Boils and Bones

What are boils? Lesions on the skin that become infected and filled with pus are called boils. When staphylococcus bacteria enters the skin through open pores or breaks in the skin, it infects the area; as a result white blood cells collect in the area causing a boil and swelling. Boils can occur in clusters or as single boils. Various boils treatments and boil cures can give you relief even with simple home remedies.


Essentially, boils appear in areas where there are hair follicles or excess sweat glands. Constant friction in these areas leads to breaking of the skin and subsequent infection. The most obvious cause of boils, as stated above, is bacteria. Acne lesions or as well as other skin conditions that cause lesions are also regarded as causes for boils.

Remedies for Boils. Boils treatment is mostly done with superficial medication and antibiotics to prevent the further spread of an infection. However, there are some home remedies that can help in treating boils. Garlic or onion juice, or a mixture of both, can be applied to the boils; this helps in ripening the boils and eventually breaking the surface, allowing the pus to be taken out. Gently warmed betel leaves along with castor oil can be placed inflamed area to help relieve the pain. Among other remedies and boil cures are roasted turmeric roots. These can be mixed with water to form a paste and applied externally to the boil. Another paste good for boils is made with cumin seeds and water.

Juices for Boils. The most effective juice for treating boils is that which is made of bitter gourd. This juice should be mixed with some lime juice to eliminate the bitterness and sipped slowly, preferably first thing in the morning or on an empty stomach. Orange juice is also considered to be extremely effective for boils treatment and prevention. Juice made from rutabaga, a type of cabbage, is known to contain antibacterial elements that are extremely effective in treating boils.

Juices for Bones
When it comes to bone health and nutrition, calcium ranks first among all other nutrients. Hence, dairy products and foods that are rich in calcium are regarded as ideal for maintaining healthy bones. However, there are some excellent sources of Vitamin D, which are perhaps even more beneficial than calcium, and they should be included in the diet in order to preserve and maintain bone health. Vitamin K and C, magnesium, and potassium, are also equally important for keeping bones healthy.

Turnip juice is ideal for people who have brittle bones. It is also good for children as it helps in bone development and strengthening. Carrots, one of the most important sources of all nutrients, are equally good for teeth and other bone structures. An ideal juice for bone health would include turnip, carrot and celery. Soymilk is also a very beneficial liquid drink for healthy bones. For treatment of rheumatism, asparagus juice has been considered extremely effective. Pomegranate is also regarded as being useful in fighting arthritis.

Keep very clean and be sure that your diet is right with plenty of fresh, uncooked fruit and vegetables and whole-wheat bread. Use papaya pulp as an external poultice or, failing that, pure honey.

Use one or two of the following:

Carrot 7 f1 oz (200ml); beetroot and tops 10 f1 oz (275ml); garlic
1 f1 oz (25ml).
Onion 5 f1 oz (150ml); cabbage 15 f1 oz (425ml).
Watercress 5 f1 oz (150ml); nettle 5 f1 oz (150ml); cabbage 10 f1 oz
Garlic 2 f1 oz (50ml); onion 5 f1 oz (150ml); beetroot and tops 9 f1 oz (250ml).

For both children and old people there is a need for plenty of calcium as this mineral is not usually well absorbed. Make juices from any of the calcium rich foods in the list on page 54. Drink at least a pint (550ml) a day.
Among the best are celery, parsley and watercress.
Spinach contains oxalic acid and it is possible that this combines with the calcium rendering it useless, although some authorities claim that this is not true of the raw juice.

Submitted on January 16, 2014