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Bad Breath Diet


A halitosis diet is a diet for bad breath that focuses on eliminating bad breath through a healthy diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables and eliminates protein rich red meats. Bad breath (halitosis) is generally caused by anaerobic oral bacteria that are generally situated on the surface of your tongue. Bad breath is actually volatile sulfur compounds that are created as a waste product by these bacteria as they digest proteins. It is therefore important that you avoid spicy meats like pastrami, salami, and pepperoni that will aggravate this condition. If for some reason you do eat these meats, I would suggest that you follow your meal with a fruit salad.

Fibrous fruits like apples help to dislodge even minute particles of food stuck between your teeth. This will effectively prevent bad breath. Although onion and garlic are extremely healthy, it would be better if you refrained from foods that contain them especially before an appointment. Fish and cheese have strong odors and so it would be better to avoid them at a gathering.

People who are on a low carb, high fat diet, often suffer from bad breath. As their bodies break down the fats they have eaten, ketones are formed. These compounds get into saliva and cause horrible breath. Make sure that you have an adequate amount of carbohydrates with every meal to prevent this from happening. You should also drink plenty of water as this will help to dilute and flush out the concentration of ketones in your body. Chewing a sprig of fresh parsley will help to neutralize any lingering odor. In some cases, stomach and digestive ailments contribute to bad breath.  In these cases fenugreek is an effective and permanent cure. Fenugreek tea helps to cleanse the digestive tract and thus prevents bad breath. You should also include fruits like avocados in your halitosis diet as they effectively remove intestinal putrefications.

Your daily diet should consist of fruits and vegetables as they contain fiber that is necessary for a clean digestive tract. Have plenty of carrots as they are rich in fiber and will keep your teeth clean and your breath fresh. Try to eliminate or at least reduce your intake of processed foods. Processed white flour is a poor substitute for healthier whole meal products while processed sugars are high in carbohydrates and will aggravate bad breath. Make sure that you include fruits like grapes and melons in your diet. These fruits contain plenty of water and will prevent dry mouth which is a relatively rare cause of bad breath. Try to include spices like anise seeds, cloves and fennel in your halitosis diet.

Submitted on January 16, 2014