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Meals And Appetizers For Winter Diet

Winter diet includes all the foods that are recommended in the season of winter. It is the season which enhances the natural strength of the body. It provides natural rejuvenation of the body by replenishing the system with nutrients in a natural manner. The potential of the body is enhanced. A lot of energy is stored in the body, which is used for the rest of the year.

Foods that are an adequate source of fat, sugar and salt are considered as winter foods. Nutritious foods help in prevention of any kind of diseases. Citrus fruits are also helpful. Sweets made with grated carrot and sugar or sesame seeds and jaggery are more preferred in winter.

Winter Foods And Snacks For Winter

Millets, wheat, moth beans, green gram, red lentil, and black gram are suggested. Sweets, such as sweet porridge and other milk based sweets are common winter recipes, very much liked by everybody. Use of milk, butter and clarified butter or clarified butter is recommended. Fruits such as sapota, pineapple, papaya, dates, pomegranate, apple and banana are included. Groundnuts, in the form of groundnut balls are consumed. Dates boiled in milk are considered as a good snack for a winter evening. Salad with vegetables, such as carrots, cucumber, radish, pepper and tomatoes are suggested.

Fresh fruit juices or vegetable cocktails are healthy and beneficial in winters. Hot beverages prove warm and nice on a cold and rainy day. Stay hydrated by increasing the fluids in the diet. Aim at eight glasses of water per day. Do not overeat, as winter is accompanied by a lot of sedentary activity or lack of activity for long hours. Lethargy is common in winter and replenishment of nutrients with ample fruits and vegetables is helpful. Grilled salmon, scrambled eggs, chicken breast, smoked salmon, roast pumpkin are some of the winter recipes. Any meal with black or green tea is helpful.

Oats is yet another food considered in winter. It is boiled in milk with fruits and berries. They provide calcium and fibre. It is sweetened with sugar or honey. The same is tried by seasoning and adding a couple of vegetables, such as peas, beans, carrots, onion and celery. Oats are cooked in water, though butter milk is optional. This is a good supper recipe on a winter night. It is a healthy recipe for those who are conscious about the calories and cholesterol levels. Oats is rich in soluble fibre and proves beneficial against cholesterol.

Submitted on January 16, 2014