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I am 25 yrs male and suffering from hair loss at a very young age kindly advice me how I could recover my hair?

(August 5, 2011)

Hair loss at a young age could mean either a deficiency of zinc which has lead to exceptional hair loss or hair loss due to crash or fad diets. Either way, improving your diet and eating a well-balanced diet can help protect hair loss, making the strands and the cuticles stronger, and preventing further hair loss. If it is a medical condition especially related to the scalp, it can be remedied with home remedies or medicated shampoos and ointments if it is serious. In such cases, hair grows back once the scalp’s original health is restored. Keeping away from stress, exercising and stocking up on multi-vitamins can also help hair grow back richer and healthier.

Some hair loss can also be the result of a hereditary condition and usually in such cases hair cannot be re-grown. There are some professional treatments for hair growth but they have had a mixed result.
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Is baldness hereditary? How to prevent it?

There are a number of treatment options to prevent hereditary baldness such as creams, medications, supplements and even surgery. Minoxidil is a common drug used to slow balding and stimulate hair growth. It is available as a topical application which can be used both by men and women suffering from hereditary balding. Provillus supplements are another genetic baldness cure which block the hormone DHT that is responsible for hair loss. These supplements come in a pill form which can be used by both men and women.

Surgery is another genetic baldness treatment option incase other treatments don’t help but surgery would be more expensive, time consuming and also painful. In addition to conventional treatment options, certain home remedies may also be helpful in preventing balding. Regular scalp massages with vitamin E or rosemary essential oil is a great way to prevent hereditary baldness. These oils nourish the scalp and hair and also encourage growth of new hair.

It is also important to maintain a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and take omega 3 fatty acid supplements to maintain a nourished healthy scalp. Good nutrition plays an important role in ensuring that the scalp cells produce healthy and working hair follicles.
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How to know if hair loss is hereditary?

Hair loss is something that most people have to deal with in their lives. Men tend to lose hair more visibly than women although the quantity of hair lost during one’s life time may be more for women. For men, baldness is an issue that creates social awkwardness. As such, there are no major symptoms associated with hair loss that could affect the health of the individual. However, the change in appearance of the individual may be something that one wishes to avoid.

The mechanics of hair loss are yet to be fully understood. However, there is evidence to suggest that it is linked to genetic factors. For hair loss that is hereditary, treatment options are limited. One can follow some basic health guidelines to ensure that the body is healthy. This may help to slow down the process of hair loss. Furthermore, one can seek some therapy options including scalp massages that help to stimulate the scalp. Some studies have shown that this helps to slow down the process of hair loss. There are a number of different advertised treatment options that include the use of various herbs or chemicals. It is safe to avoid most of these as they can be dangerous and actually worse for the hair.
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Is there any solution to hereditary hair loss?

Hereditary hair loss is one of the most common conditions all over the world. While the hair has almost no significant medical impact on the body, hair loss still tends to cause a lot of worry and stress because of the fact that it plays a very prominent role in an individuals aesthetic appeal – something that is placed in rather high regard in today’s world. It is primarily because of the aesthetic quantity that people all over the world have been trying to find and develop the best genetic hair loss treatments.

You are also likely to find a variety of different types of natural topical hair loss treatments in forms of creams and lotions in any almost any medical store that walk into anywhere in the world. One of the best ways to beat hereditary hair loss is to make sure that you consume the right kinds of balanced foods. Zinc, magnesium and calcium should be present in high quantities in all your meals in order to fight off the development of baldness. There are also a number of different natural topical hair loss treatments such as hot oil treatments that will help repair the hair cells and make them stronger. In depth information on these treatment options can be found through a number of sources such as the Internet and even your local bookstore.
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How long it takes to recover from hair loss?

Hair loss is a condition that a large number of us suffer from – as a result of a number of different factors. Some of the more common causes of the loss of hair include hereditary, dietary intake, environmental conditions as well as the effect that certain chemical hair care products will have on the body. Hair loss recovery will depend largely on how you choose to deal with the condition. For instance, if you choose to use some of the medical creams and lotions that are available in the market today, you may want to refer to the manufacturer’s notes and expectation timelines. However, if you choose to undergo a surgical hair root transplant option, you may want to consult the expert in charge of the procedure about timelines to recover from hair loss.

In order to regrow hair naturally, though, it is extremely important for you to identify the root cause of the problem. Looking at the condition of the hair that you still have will help you identify the root cause. For instance, in the event that the hair is course and dry – it is a sign of your body lacking calcium content while the hair turning grey and white is an indication that your dietary intake lacks an adequate amount of B-Vitamins.
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How To Recover Hair Loss

Each hair grows approximately little less than half an inch in the hair growth cycle which lasts for 2-6 years.

Around 90 percent of hair on the scalp is growing at one point and the remaining 10 percent is in a resting phase. After about 2-3 months the hair in resting phase may fall and new hair growth takes place.

So as a part of this cycle it is normal to shed some hair daily. However if you experience excessive hair loss problem then it can be due to a long term stress or illness, hormonal problem, certain medications and infection.

Hair loss can also be due to some underlining disease like diabetes or lupus. In many cases a high fat diet, high salt diet and a high protein diet especially from animal origin tend to damage the kidneys which then can create an acidic blood. So for an appropriate treatment it is very important to know the cause for your hair loss. Consult a specialist for the same to treat the problem at the earliest, till then try the following tips to prevent hair loss.

Have a balanced healthy meal comprising of whole grains, cereals and its products, fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouts, pulses, beans and low fat dairy products. For proteins consume fresh water fish, eggs, lean meats and poultry in moderation.

Avoid excess amounts of salt and fats in the diet especially from animal origin as the fats and proteins in them have an effect on the blood making it more acidic. Acidic blood when reaches the scalp, can cause hair loss. If you have any nutritional deficiencies then correct them first as they can also be a cause for hair loss.

Avoid the use of styling products like gels or creams to set hair as they may have excessive amounts of chemicals that can be responsible for hair loss. Maintain a good scalp health and hygiene, use a mild shampoo every alternate days and if you have dandruff problem then it would be wise to treat that first.

Hair is very sensitive to stress, avoid any kind of stress be it emotional or physical. If your hair loss is due to some underlying disease or skin ailment then consult a specialist for the same. An alteration in the hormonal levels can also cause hair loss, so your specialist may even recommend a test to check the level of hormones in your body.

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