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Weight gain tips

Hello I am 21 yrs old and my weight is 56 kg. I want to gain weight upto 65 kg and develop my biceps. What to do?
(April 9, 2008)

Weight gain tips 

In order to gain muscle and build your body overall, your diet as well as nutrition are very important elements in gaining muscles. You may be doing the right amount of weight training but if the body is not getting the right amount of nutrients it requires for maintenance and for wear and tear, then the training may be a waste of time.

Sit ups and push ups are the recommended exercises to develop muscles. To start off with three sets of 25 sit ups and three sets of 15 pushups along with a regular jog or a brisk walk and bicycling is recommended for the first week. Increase the count of sit ups and pushups every week till you reach a stage where you are comfortable doing a good number of sets. Also initiate light weight training on the days you do not do the sit ups and pushups.

Progress to intensive weight training only once your body ash got accustomed to weights. Another crucial point to remember is to stretch before and after every exercise. A 10 minute warm up exercise is essential to any good workout. Keep varying the exercises every day. In this manner you will improve and gain muscle strength with varied exercises.

Submitted by C N on April 9, 2008 at 12:26


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