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Zone Diet advice

What does a Zone Diet mean? Whatever you can tell me will be great!
(April 10, 2008)

Zone Diet advice 

The Zone diet helps in achieving a longer life, by leading them in a better manner. Turning certain genes on and off is the principle behind the diet. Increase in the body energy levels with weight loss is seen. The hormonal balance is maintained and the gene expression is controlled. The principle behind the diet is low carbohydrate or low glycemic load, low fat and low protein diet.

Cardiac friendly monounsaturated fats are allowed with fruits and vegetables.

Achievement of all the essential nutrients, with a control in hunger is seen. A gram of fat is allowed per three grams of carbohydrate or two grams of fat. The three important hormones regulated by this diet are insulin, glucagon and eicosanoids. Insulin provocates of weight increase by raising the fat. It is a storage hormone. Glucagon is a mobilization hormone, which helps in releasing the carbohydrates in a constant pace. This enhances the sugar to be at a constant level, thereby improving the physical and psychological performance. Silent inflammation is controlled or regulated by eicosanoids. They also indirectly regulate several other hormones in the body. In other words, the zone diet allows protein and carbohydrate in the 3:4 ratio. Long term effects are unclear and this is not recommended by the American Heart Association.

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