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Remedies for severe leg ache

Sir, I am 25. I got my first seizures in a party. About 4hrs am unconscious and I don't remember what happen. This incident occur 10months ago. My prob is I cannot walk little distance now, severe pain in my legs.
(October 15, 2010)

Leg pain can occur due to various reasons such as injury, conditions that affect ligaments, tendons, bone joints, blood vessels, skin and nerves. As a result of these conditions, tissues get inflamed, and this inflammation is where the leg pain originates from. Symptoms of leg pain generally depend on the cause; they also depend on the individual situation. In fact, leg pain in most cases varies from person to person. So depending on individual case, it may be described as dull, sharp, aching, heavy or burning.

In some cases it may be intermittent, while in others it may be constant. Sometimes this pain gets worse or better with rest or activity.

Here are a few remedies for leg pain that you can try :

• Eat food that is high in calcium content such as cheese, soybeans, green vegetable salads, milk and milk products, and nuts. Calcium helps strengthen your bones and help you get relief from aches and pains in legs.
• Leg stretching exercises help improve blood circulation and give relief from muscular contractions and pain in leg.
• Oils such as coconut oil and mustard oil can be extremely beneficial to get relief from pain in your legs. Stretch your legs and massage your leg muscles in the downward direction using warm oil and see the difference.
• Another simple leg pain remedy is vinegar. Wet a cloth pad in a vinegar solution and apply this to your foot, joints and other parts of your leg. This will help you get rid of the discomfort.
• If the cause of your leg pain is due to some problems in the functioning of your nerves, it is best that you avoid smoking, excess sugar, and alcohol.
• Add some Epsom salt to your bath water. It is high in magnesium and helps give relief from pain. This leg pain remedy is especially beneficial for patients suffering from arthritis.
• Add a little salt (about a pinch) to a cup o of lemon water and drink it. This is extremely beneficial for cramps that occur during some physical activity or an exercise workout. 
• If you are suffering from a chronic leg ache problem try adding ginger to your diet. It has painkilling properties that can give you relief.
• Fenugreek can be quite beneficial in helping you get rid of the leg pain. Dry a few fenugreek leaves for about 5 to 6 days. Mix these leaves in some water and drink this mixture early in the morning.
• Increase your intake of water. It helps soothe contractions in your muscles and also gives relief from pain. Make sure your body is well-hydrated before you go in for any physical exercises.  
• In case the pain is due to arthritis, drinking a glass of milk (diluted) to which 2 to 3 crushed garlic cloves are added gives relief.
• Going in for a steam bath once a week is a good leg pain remedy.
• Eat about 4 to 5 walnuts on an empty stomach early in the morning for relief from any pain in your leg.
• Rubbing your feet with ice can help soothe your tired muscles. This is especially good if you have been on your feet all day.
• With the help of hot pads gently massage the affected areas for relief from the pain.
• Exercising regularly and practicing yoga can help you keep both physically and psychologically fit.
• While standing always make sure that you balance your weight equally on both your feet. This will prevent you from adding pressure to one leg. Wear footwear that is appropriate. If you plan to be on your feet for the whole day, wearing flats instead of high heels is a better option.

Submitted by S M on October 15, 2010 at 12:05


The cause of the seizure needs to be identified. Were there any reccurences in these 10 months? Were you able to walk till now? Take the guidance of your physician immediately.
Submitted by R K on June 15, 2007 at 07:40


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