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Low Carbs

Help me please someone - Does low carbs diet help to reduce weight?
(April 17, 2008)

Weight Loss with Low Carbohydrate Diet

Low carbohydrate diets are followed by many weight conscious people to reduce their body weight and get back in to shape. A low carbohydrate diet involves severe restriction of carbohydrate foods and promotes the intake of proteins and fats as a source of energy. The levels of proteins and fats are often not limited which in fat leads to excess fat consumption (almost all foods with high protein and fat are high in fat). When a low carbohydrate diet is started there is severe water loss from the body for the first week and thus the weight which you lose in the first week is actually water loss and not actual fat loss. Low calorie diet can also lead to ketosis which can in turn lower the appetite.

This appetite and weight is gain quickly when a person resumes a normal balanced diet. One of the most common and famous low carbohydrate diets is Dr. Atkins diet. In this 4 steps have to be followed, for the first 2 weeks you are in the induction period where the intake of carbohydrate should not be more than 20 gm per day. Then gradually in the rest 3 steps the carbohydrates are raised but kept low to what Dr. Atkins call as critical carbohydrate level which is required to lose weight.
Submitted by S M on April 17, 2008 at 01:29


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