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Diet for Alcoholism

What foods specifically are good for treatment of alcoholism
(September 13, 2007)

Almost one third of the required calories are gained from alcohol in case of people having alcohol. These people generally have poor eating habits and poor nutrition as a result they face various nutritional challenges in their life. Alcohol cessation is important to improve the nutritional status of a person but many people become aggressive in the first stage as they are unable to handle alcohol withdrawal symptoms. There are various therapists along with a dietician who plays an important role in explaining the diet and importance of nutrition and how to improve eating habits. For individuals who are physically healthy need not need any dietary modification, however limiting their alcohol consumption is an important criterion.

Diet for alcoholism can be started with detoxification program which includes a week’s fruit juice fast. This will help to cleanse the bowel and eliminate the toxins from the body. After this a diet rich in unprocessed whole cereals and pulses along with fresh fruits and vegetables should be followed. This will ensure the fulfillment of the necessary nutrients, which an alcoholic body is deficient in.
Submitted by S M on September 13, 2007 at 01:41


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