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Easy Home Made Recipes

I am a single father and I need to know a few dishes that are easy to prepare?
(July 14, 2010)

Being a single parent can be a bit of a challenge especially when trying to manage both work and home responsibilities. Cooking and cleaning can take up a lot of time and so it is important to schedule your work so that you have enough time to relax on a daily basis. While snacks and fast foods may be a tempting option due to time constraints, these foods are packed with unhealthy fats and preservatives. Since cooking can take quite a while, you can make a few simple dishes on a daily basis and if needed you can make a larger quantity of one dish and store it so that you can serve it later in the week.

Since vegetables are extremely nutritious, you should include at least one small serving of a vegetable dish along with a large salad serving in every meal. You can make a simple cauliflower dish by lightly steaming 3 to 4 heads of cauliflower.

Gently tear the cauliflower into little florets and keep it aside. Chop a few chives along with 2 cloves of garlic and lightly fry this in olive oil and add in the cauliflower along with a pinch of salt. Grate a little cheese over this mixture and toss it a few times before taking it off the heat and setting it aside. Add a little lemon juice if you wish to before serving it piping hot. You can make a similar dish with potatoes and carrots. You can also make a slightly larger amount and use the leftovers as a base for another dish the next day. For example if you have made the steamed cauliflower dish and you have leftovers, you can make a thick tomato capsicum puree the next day and add the leftovers to it. To make your puree, you will need to skin a few tomatoes and extract the seeds before you put them in a blender. Add a little olive oil to a saucepan and add ¼ of a spoon of sesame or mustard seeds and cook them lightly. Add the tomato pulp to the saucepan along with salt to taste. Cover the saucepan and allow it to cook on medium heat for 5 to 10 minutes. In the meantime, dice a large capsicum and then add it to the tomato puree along with the leftovers. Allow it to heat evenly and then add a few basil leaves to it before taking it off the heat.
You can also find healthy recipes for beginners on the internet and try them out at home.
Submitted by C N on July 14, 2010 at 06:26


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