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Picky Eating Children

How can I help my child Picky Eating Phases
(July 15, 2010)

Picky Eaters: Toddlers that are picky eaters at first usually start to eat properly after some time. It is perfectly normal for toddlers to display fussiness at mealtimes and this should not unnecessarily alarm you. Children also vary in the amount of food they eat. If a child does not eat enough during one meal, he is likely to make up for it in the next meal. If your toddler is growing properly and has plenty of energy, then it is an indication that he is healthy.

In case, you are concerned with your child’s growth or if you suspect that the picky eating may be contributing to growth problems, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

Children Healthy Eating Habits: There may be times when a toddler wants to eat only a certain type of food again and again, and then after a while he may refuse to eat it at all. It is important to introduce variety in the food you serve toddlers. Offer a range of nutritious foods and allow him to choose what he wants to eat. Exploring and experimenting with food enables them to gain some amount of independence and allows them to develop a taste for various foods. This is something that will help to promote healthy eating habits. Also, don’t force your toddler to eat new foods. He is likely to try it out when he is ready. You also need to be flexible sometimes in order to ensure that your child is eating a balanced meal. For instance, if you serve him beef stew and he has only the meat and not the chopped veggies, you will need to prepare a separate dish out of these veggies so that he still gets to eat his vegetables. Your child is likely to follow in your footsteps and hence if he sees you eating different types of healthy foods, he will follow suit.

Healthy Diet for Picky Eaters: There are certain ways in which you can make meal times easier for both you and your toddler. Serve bite-sized assortments so that he gets a chance to try new foods. You can fill an ice cube tray with different colorful bite-sized foods such as cheese, steamed carrots and bananas. Toddlers also love to dip their foods and serving them finger foods with peanut butter, cream cheese or yogurt is a good way to add nutrition to their meals. Children are always interested in what’s on other people’s plates, rather than on their own. Allow your child to try out foods from your own plate as well. It is also important to not give up. Keep offering your child new foods, until he decides to try it.
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