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Underweight due to inadequate intake of calories

I am 22 years and 33 kilos. I want to improve my body size.
(August 14, 2008)

I need to know certain details regarding your height and physical activity. Height is essential to approximately judge your ideal body weight. Genes play a vital role in determination of height and weight. Though height is difficult to manipulate, excess weight can be gained. Genes pre-determine the weight of an individual.

A strict diet and regular exercise helps in gaining a few pounds. A healthy body weight is easy to achieve with the help of a balanced diet. Eat a nutritious and heavy breakfast. Calorie increase helps in weight gain. Increase the number of calories in every meal, as raising the same in one meal or one shot is difficult.

About five hundred calorie increase on a daily basis helps in weight gain by a pound. Opt for five to six meals, instead of the regular three meal pattern. This can be alternated with three meals and a three snacks pattern. Increase in weight fails to indicate weight gain by wrong foods. Choice of right kind of foods plays a vital role in weight gain. Opt for nutrient dense foods, such as nuts, dried fruits and so on. Milk shakes are also effective in weight increase. Replace bread and vegetable, to a certain degree, with egg and poultry. Though vegetables and fruits are necessary, they provide lesser calories.

Starchy vegetables, such as sweet potato, yam, and potato and so on are effective. Exercise is important, not only for weight loss, but also for weight gain. Smoking and alcohol abstinence proves beneficial. Sleep or rest is very important to keep the system healthy. A number of weight gain supplements and protein powders are available commercially. These supplements contribute to a number of side effects and prove harmful to many. High energy drinks, fresh fruit juices and milk with protein powder helps. Creatine supplements help in weight gain, though it is taken under the guidance of your physician. A number of high calorie snacks such as cheese sticks, yoghurt, breakfast bars, milk shakes, dried fruits and milkshakes help in weight gain. Increase the protein in the diet, but do not decrease the carbohydrates. Carbohydrates play a vital role in increasing the weight.

Weight training exercises, in addition to cardiovascular ones, prove effective in weight gain, in the form of muscles. Gym machines are not necessary for weight gain. Weight training exercises for weight gain are barbell rows, bench presses, squats, bar dips, dead lifts and pull ups.

Submitted by M S on August 14, 2008 at 05:07


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