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Great Summer Drinks

Which fruit juices should we have in summer?
(July 26, 2010)

As you get dressed in your coolest cottons and pull out your best hats to enjoy the summer with picnics and barbecues, keep in mind that there are a few drinks that will cool down your summer. Fresh fruit and vegetable juices will help you beat the heat and keep your body cool, with the added benefit of much-needed minerals and vitamins. It is not just chilled drinks that matter, but certain fruits and vegetable juices have the capacity to cool your body and keep you hydrated. These juices are also favored by children as they are sweet, attractive, and colorful.

Best fruit juices. You can start your day with fresh orange or lemon juice as these fruits give you with vitamin C and refresh you.

Lemon Juice can be had in many ways with a dash of honey, ginger or just a little salt. Whip up some mint leaves with lemon juice in a blender, add sugar, and you have a wonderful juice that will cool you down. You can load your refrigerator with it and sip it through the day. To orange juice add a little orange rind to make it tangy. These juices contain antioxidants and help regulate body fluids and flush out toxic materials.
Watermelon juice will remove dehydration and give you an instant shot of energy and minerals. Grape juice will enrich you with vitamins and revitalize you. You can make a mixed fruit juice with grapes, oranges, and a dash of lemon to get a variety of nutrients along with a fruity punch.

Strawberries can be blended with unflavored yoghurt and honey to give you a smoothie with an amazing natural and full-flavored taste that can also pep up your energy levels. You can also blend strawberries with skimmed milk and ice cubes for a chilled drink. The same thing can be done with mangoes by blending them with skimmed milk or yoghurt. These juices are rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. Cranberry juice is rich in nutrients and will help in detoxification of the body and the reduction of flab.

Vegetable Juices. Try to use vegetables to make juices as they are rich in minerals, vitamins and fiber. Blend grated carrot with a dash of ginger and lemon juice to give a fortified drink that helps you stay healthy. Beetroot and tomato juices can be blended with lemon juices to give a sharp taste. Guava juice is another drink that will give plenty of energy and has a great amount of vitamin C. These juices are cheaper than many fruit juices available in the market.

Add plenty of water to fruit or vegetable juices to keep you hydrated. Try using fresh fruits and vegetables as they are always better than canned fruits or vegetables.

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