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Five Factor Diet

Need advice on Five Factor Diet. Know anything about it?
(November 8, 2010)

Five Factor Diet

The five factor diet is a new fad diet that has been popularized by a book of the same name, written by Harley Pasternak and Myatt Murphy, both of whom are celebrity fitness trainers. In fact, Harley Pasternak is a trainer who has trained many celebrities such as Mandy Moore and Halle Berry. Both these trainers have made many TV appearances and are confident that the five factor diet can really help those who want to turn over a new leaf in a considerably short period of time.

The five factor diet is essentially a book that contains the secret to this crash diet, which can allegedly help lose a lot of weight. The key principle of this diet is that instead of the three large meals that we habitually consume throughout the day, this diet encourages you to consume five meals.

Apart from the number of meals, the five factor diet recipes are also described in the book.

According to the authors, the foods that you consume to maintain this diet should be based on the glycemic index. According to their effect on the blood sugar levels, the foods must be selected for this diet. Additionally, foods that have high fiber content are also encouraged because they help in controlling food cravings. They also help in burning calories in the body. There are many other essential key points that have to be incorporated in all the meals that a person consumes throughout a day in order to aid weight loss.

Apart from the number of meals and the constituents of the meals, the authors claim that another important part of their diet plan is exercise. In fact, 50% of the results are based on the regularity with which a person exercises. There are five different exercises for five days of the week. To keep the body from adapting to these exercises, every day a new exercise is performed. Each of these exercises takes only about five minutes to perform.

The five factor diet plan consists of five factor foods that are low in both fat and protein, high in fiber, are low on the glycemic index, and contain only healthy fats; along with these foods you can drink water and other beverages that are sugar free. According to the authors of the book, such meals will keep a person feel fuller for a longer time. This means that there are no in-between-the-meals hunger pangs. Some of the dishes that are recommended in this diet are mixed vegetables, baked chicken, and lentils. White meats are preferred, and fruits that are high on the glycemic index are discouraged.

If the guidelines of the diet are strictly adhered to, it can help improve the rate at which calories are expended. The eating guidelines in the book should be carefully considered before you begin planning and cooking your meals.  The book itself consists of more than 100 recipes. To increase the ease of preparation, these 100 recipes have only five main ingredients, and each of them takes not more than five minutes to prepare. Each week, there is one day where the person can eat anything they want, so that there are no cravings.

Most proponents of the five factor diet believe that the diet actually works. However, dieticians feel that the five factor diet meals are nothing more than a fad diet. The diet itself is highly adaptive, and you can include foods that are not included in the diet recipes, as long as they match the guidelines of the diet. With the help of the five factor diet, you put in some effort in the planning and preparation of your meals, which is also a great psychological incentive. The book also details the science behind this five factor diet.

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Advice on Five Factor Diet

The five factor diet, as the name indicates considers all the factors with the number five. This was initiated by Harley Pasternak and was followed by many celebrities. Five meals with five exercises and five workouts every week is done in the five factor diet. The principles of the diet are that the five criteria of each meal should be followed. Five ingredients are used for the preparation of each meal. The time required for each meal should be five minutes. Twenty five minutes of exercising for five days in a week proves beneficial. A weekly off or weekly cheat day is allowed, wherein any foods are considered. The five criteria for each meal are healthy fat, fibre, sugar free beverage, low fat quality protein and carbohydrates with low glycemic index. The five guidelines to lose weight are

  • Consumption of right foods
  • Low GI foods help in keeping the sugar levels at bay
  • Increased metabolism increases the calories burnt
  • Exercising for increasing the muscle mass
  • Rest aids in decrease of the stress hormone, cortisol.


Exercises recommended are core exercises like twists and crunches, cardio warm up, cardio exercises and strength training.

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