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Best Cereal For Weight Loss

Which is the Best Cereal For Weight Loss? How does this work & please tell me the quantity I should eat. Thanks!
(May 20, 2008)

Best Cereal For Weight Loss

There are various cereals available for weight loss which contain fewer fats but if you add some proteins to them, they will successfully control your hunger pangs. But there is a flip side to it. If you are having a low fat diet and suppressing your desire to eat more then there are chances that after some time you may do the reverse. So, it is always better to add some fruits to your diet & have vegetable juices or skim milk along with having cereals for your breakfast. But try to avoid the general tendency to eat cereals for every meal.

You need fibers as well as other minerals & vitamins for to provide strength to your body.

Whole grain or bran cereals containing some dietary fibers are best for natural weight loss. Oatmeal cereal is also a good choice for best cereal for weight loss. You can have cereals with skim milk, raisins & other dry fruits & have yoghurt & cheese alongside. You can also have fruit salad (without dressing) & green tea for breakfast apart from having your regular cereal.

Cereals are good for your health & ensure natural weight loss apart from reducing the chances of cardiovascular diseases. You can eat a bowl of cereals with skim milk for your breakfast.
Submitted by R B on May 20, 2008 at 02:24


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